Donk has video for this weekend. We tested the Tank-n-Spank build on Saturday and the Finger WIggling on Sunday. In short, if you have the numbers you should have a spread. If you less that 6 ppl, you go Mage and Cross heal and CC your ass off.

We tested every PvE Map Tile that was ready. We tested basically two basic spec builds. Variations of Tank and Spank and Wiggling fingers. Under the current skill sets available the Spell spec is by far the most fleshed out and was the superior build in 1v1 or 3v3 PvP. In short, either you cross heal or your group gets wiped. CC is huge and coordinated CC'ing is even a bigger force multiplier. Under the current skill and point system you can build a hybrid anything with the healing spec.

Basically, don't be a terribad. Cross Heal, Stay in a Pack and get on the target and Chain CC it and Burn it into the ground. Combat awareness as is usual is a big part with the current Pre-Alpha friend/foe recognition system being non-existant other than using the F-keys to target your group members in blue and everything else is red=dead.

TLDR; We build spec groups, we pooped on kids and had laughs about it on coms. Just another weekend for the KGB core.

Don't make me have'ta Troll ya Bro!