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just fyi on town size those plots to place a house are 500 bucks which will effectively bump a lot of us out of buying one at least with real cash

When he means town size hes talking about the $3000.00 town player city size with 50,400 sqaure feet of property, not the town lot.

Don't worry about buying one with real cash. Play the game and earn the gold in game to purchase the lot. Since Jet controls the Town he can prevent any player unless he unlocks the right to place on any lot in the city based on the layout and types used to fulfill the total square feet. He also controls the right to evict any player from any lot within his town.

I want to earn a Town or City lot in game and place that somewhere. You can have more than 1 house if you can maintain the monthly upkeep. Base what you think you want as a lot on if you can maintain the play time.

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