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The only real saving grace anymore for longevity of a title is a pseudo e-sport functionality and something that placates to short attention spans and limited in-game time. The reality is no one cares about killing rabbits and turning them in. The "Level Grind" is a significant deterrent anymore to even playing a game. The reality is, developers are learning that no one wants to level to get to the PvP or end content. Make your game about PvP or the End Content and get rid of all the pre-leveling to get to that point.

I've been preaching for years but I guess some people are finally starting to see the light. A good PvP player run game should not use levels and skill level in the PvP part of the game.
Make the gear be the difference and allow anyone to give gear they collected (by crafting, questing or slaying other players) to anyone. Then guilds become more than a group but real war machines, new players can join and enjoy PvP on day 1 if they have friends already playing.

See: Fundamental problem with DFO
Player 1 buys game
Player 1 logs into game
Player 1 realizes after 10 hours in game they are many years behind the Stat and Skill curve and logs out to cancel subscription.

Don't make me have'ta Troll ya Bro!