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Game hasn't been released and they already whoring it out like this. This isn't even micro transactions, more like Mega transactions.

It's the new style of gaming for mmo's. Going to have to get use to it. More games going this route. No different then Star Citizen selling capital ships, or gold in gw2, it's just funding.

I agree and disagree. It is the new style, in this instance, they are not receiving the support they see games like Star Citizen receive and are trying to balance that out I think. Personnally I am still on the fence for this one, even though I am a founder.

Having said that, I am in. If wee are going to do this, then do it UO style. Buy the biggest damn town you can, and ensure you have room for everyone that has already bought houses etc. Not sure how all of that is going to interface.

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