We are at $2000.00 (If this one person that wants to be anonymous really wanted to donate $1000.00)

Here is what I am looking at:

Player Owned Crossroads Village
Have you ever wanted to own an entire scene? Now you can! A Crossroads Village is the size of one of the larger wooded player villages in the Hidden Vale. (and then some!)

33,600 m2 of player lots
A design session with the Dev Team to define details including:
Name of Town
Location: Roughly which quadrant of the map. (Exact hex will be determined by Portalarium, Inc.)
Biome: Forest, Mountains, Grasslands, Swamp, etc.
NPC Building Definition (inn, smithy, etc.)
NPC names and stories
Lot Selection: Determine which lots of which size you want. For example at this size:
56 Village Lots
40 Village Lots + 1 Castle Lot
X Keys to X Locked Lots:
Keys equal to the number of lots chosen
Owner of the keys can lock and unlock lots at will so they can actively control who gets to live there
The key owner can evict an occupant and lock the lot using the key
Players will still need lot deeds to claim the lots once the town owner unlocks the lots
Central Square with 4 NPC owned buildings
Add On Store Houses:
2 Add On Store Village Houses
2 Add On Store Town Houses
1 Add On Store City House

Depending on the people willing to pony up, we could go bigger, but 40 lots and 1 castle is pretty awesome.

[Linked Image from w3.the-kgb.com][Linked Image from oracle.the-kgb.com]
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