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So how does the donate feature work? Do I purchase a package for access/title and the proceeds of that dollar amount are added to the "fund"? Or is it a straight dollar donation to the "fund" and I have to purchase a package for access/title in addition to whatever donation goes to the "fund"?

If your referring to getting a SOTA pledge. That is either a one time payment or monthly payments for your total amount based on the tier you want. Goes to the overall amount of the game funds and has no bearing on the town we are trying to acquire. The minimum pledge is required on your behalf to have ownership to play the game. If you use the Alienware coupon and upgrade that it will cost you $25.00 for a minimum pledge.

The KGB city is a separate entity. Since it's a faction item all money has been given to the KGB paypal account and Jetstar will acquire the purchase on his account. His account will be the primary owner of the city and he can delegate people at launch for leadership access of the town.

Their are 3 ways of acquiring a plot to place in the city.
Minimum of $275.00 for a tax free row lot with house.
Minimum of $165.00 for a taxable village lot with house.
Acquire in game with in game currency for a plot and house also taxable

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