KGB Supreme Knight Zhou brought up the idea of KGB having it's own property in SOTA. What do you all think?

Here are the details.

Lot Sizes in Meters (for reference):

Row: 10 x 15 = 150 sq
Village: 20 x 30 = 600 sq
Town: 30 x 40 = 1200 sq
City: 40 x 60 = 2400 sq
Keep: 60 x 80 = 4800 sq
Castle: 80 x 120 = 9600 sq

Holdfast: $750 12,600sq
Hamlet: $1200 19,800sq
Village: $1500 25,200sq
Crossroads Village: $2000 33,600sq
Town: $3,000 50,400sq
City: $4,000 67,200sq
Metropolis $5,000 84,200sq

I would be willing to drop the first $500.00. As with all guild owned assets, this would remain in control of the KGB Federal Government and all of you would have full access as long as you remain KGB citizens.

What do you think?

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