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As the same with most games the people who can level the fastest get bored with the game as the people who are in it for the long run are catching up.
The whole "I am first to max out" gets lost in the people who are having fun with the game and not the rabbit in the tortoise race. When the people who
race to the finish come back and, maybe in my opinion talk shit about the game, make the game sound not fun may need to keep playing the game they
are playing and keep out of the talking down of the game in question. This is the same shit that pissed me off in the BDO game. We had a bunch of people
that were having fun and people who were not playing came in and shit on the game. It's the same with NW. I understand that you think the game should go
in the direction you want but the people who play are going with how it's going. Maybe if you don't play more than 10 minutes a week don't talk shit because you don't
have a long sword.

Yes, Goriom I am talking about you.......and yes I have a few bourbons in me. Still love you booooo.

This is nonsense.

The game has issues and people are free to state them. Show me instances of me shit talking the game over me saying the game needed more time in the oven. It's wholey apparent they rushed this to release with the amount of bugs and exploits that are constantly reintroduced after each patch. The player base has already dropped 90% since launch. None of this is shit talking. I'm sorry if it bothers you that I like to speak up on matters but no game is perfect everything has a plus and minus, I talk about the pluses and minuses of final fantasy 14 all the time (current game I'm playing). I've done it for ArcheAge etc. I don't live in a reality where I hide from glaring issues about something I enjoy. Critique is something that people are allowed to do.

That being said you're allowed to play and enjoy whatever you want. I enjoy new world. I do not enjoy doing the same chest grind over. One incentive is gone, I am max watermark. There is only so many times I can do a chest run and help others before it becomes a monotonous chore to me. At the same time we are not sieging as a guild which is the only other thing Im interested in doing. so until then there's no reason to play. I said I would come back to the game when they actual release some content and the weapons I'd like to play. This again is not shit talking New World.

Side note: There is a dichotomy in this guild between people who jump in full steam ahead and quickly get to end games so that they can immediately PVP and be competitive when the game is at its peak. And then there are those who cannot devote as much time and take much longer to get to end game. Because of this dichotomy neither side truly wins. Sorry to say but if that bothers you you're going to have to get used to it, as it's going to happen in almost any new faction that KGB opens up. This is the current state of the MMO market and culture.

And don't even rehash the old BDO stuff. The obstinence and the aggression against an officer corps that was trying to engage and get people engaged with the game almost got people to quit KGB for good. In fact we lost two membera over the ordeal and it certainly wasn't because of any officer.

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