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Jet, you actually know someone who will benefit?

I honestly dont, all I know are people who a) will have their job in danger , b) people whose employer based plan will become degraded and lose their current coverage they are happy with, c) people who will have to lay people off and cut their employees hours , d) people who if this economy continues, are in danger of losing their business, and are further threatened by these huge taxes and e) people who will lose their employer based insurance , and have to seek private or govt insurance because they think their company seems likely to drop employee insurance.

I know lots of people who have existing conditions, and cant get insurance at all right now. I also know a friend who got cancer, then got cancelled after 1 year of treatment. That wont happen anymore either.

What you are saying sounds like the text from an insurance lobby hate commercial. I think it is all FUD (Fear, uncertainty, and doubt) from the insurance industry.

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