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Bilderbergs are jump starting the apocalypse so that the space beacons in Sputnik will go off to signal the zombie uprising clearly meant to release Godzilla so that the final battle with the flying spaghetti monster can commence.

That battle will trigger seismic machines set to transmit radio signals to the moon which will let the great inventor Herman R Spicy know that it is time to set off the space flare that will be the catalyst of knowing that the rapture is incoming and in doing so everyone except those who built a 1940's bombshelter and also fails to duck and cover will be wiped from the planet.

Now this will leave a select few to ressurect dinosaurs whose dna was stored in the arc of the covenant with the use of the secret island of doctor moreau which is in moon orbit.

By controlling these..."dinosaucers" all world banks will be emptied of gold and distributed equally among the apocalypse survivors before the extermination of the dinosaurs....again by the use of a giant space meteor stuck into a volcano by the flying spaghetti monster (that's right...Godzilla lost)

With dinosaurs dead again the democratic federation of the world will declare a new socialist regime and declare curling the new world sport.

All of this because Jet voted Obama.


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