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Holy crap, I started looking into the WHO report... and even I am shocked by what I found, and not in a good way.

"Governments should be the “stewards” of their national resources, maintaining
and improving them for the benefit of their populations. In health, this means
being ultimately responsible for the careful management of their citizens’ wellbeing." - excerpt from WHO report.


Citizens should be responsible for their own well-being, not the Govt. Or at least have the option to do so.

Looking elsewhere in the report, it is clear that a primary criteria for the WHO ranking was based specifically ON how "socialized" the health care was. Actual availability and quality of care either did not factor, or were weighted low on this particular health report.

This WHO ranking , being largely a measurement of Socialization, is therefore null and void for legitimate use in a debate of this nature. Saying the USA ranks low on a WHO list due to lack of Socialization, is not in itself, an argument for Socialization.

I knew there was something pretty fishy when Columbia ranked higher than the USA.

You should read more on Who before you judge them on one sentence. They are a 62 year old highly respected organization.

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