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KGB TeamSpeak
02/20/18 11:17 PM NEW VERSION OF BOARD SOFTWARE by JetStar


Primary Changes In This Release
-Attachment Display is now customizable between Grouped or Inlined.
-Support for Google reCAPTCHA.
-New "My Account" drop-down menu. This menu replaces the "My Stuff" menu/links.
-Login page now returns the user back to the page they were previously viewing just before logging in.
-Attached images can now be automatically resized and/or compressed at the time of upload.
-New Fetch_ip function to retrieve the correct Client IP address for sites behind a CDN or Firewall, or user accessing the site behind a proxy.
-Facebook "Like" has been added
-Facebook "Share" has been added.
-New Styles added, "Ventura" and "Ventura Open." (Five variations are available: Burgundy, Cobalt, Pine, Ink, and Mint)
-Posts will now display an "OP" next to the name of the "Original Poster." Customizable per style.
-New Posts will now display a "NEW" indicator in the post subject/details bar. Customizable per style.
-New default avatars will be displayed for users who do not have a profile avatar set.
-Long pages now will display a "Return to Top" FAB.
-Smooth Scroll added to the "Return to Top" FAB and the post/message previews.
-Subscription Details page can now be printed and are printer friendly.
-Pages can now have their HTML minified on the fly.
-Responsive layout on mobile devices can be disabled for your entire forum.
-Control Panel now sends you directly to the Log In page if you are not logged in and attempt to access it.
-Topics can now be re-rated if Topic Ratings are enabled.
-Social/Sharing Settings, and CAPTCHA Settings groups have been added to the Control Panel (General settings section).
-Shareaholic setup directions have been updated.
-SQL Backup now works as expected, and is quicker. Backup progress information is now displayed. Task start/end times are now added to the Admin Log.
-Multiple language updates within the Control Panel for consistency, clarity, and layout improvement.
-Cleanup of language strings, templates, CSS, and JavaScript files.
-Any code and page validation errors that were found, were fixed. There were a few of each.

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02/12/18 02:57 PM LIF - War Stories by JetStar

War Stories from the KGB Home Game - Life is Feudal

[Linked Image]

[KGB]Chez - Today at 11:31 PM
Just had an epic getaway. I logged back in at the bushes where I logged out near the trebs earlier. Got on my normal horse, started riding north, then immediately a cav guy on a warhorse sees me and starts chasing. I ID the guild (already forgot the name) and someone in TS says it's the guild that y'all wrecked earlier. He is right behind me now and keeps landing hits on my horse since his was faster. My horse runs out of Stam right as I get to some water, and am able to get off and store my horse, right as he stops right next to me and gets in a hit with a sword. I stay in the shallow water, and keep plinking his horse with arrows. He eventually hides behind a hill and stores his horse, but I use this time to get my horse back out and start riding south toward the road. I hit the road, and now I can see our keep in the distance, but my horse is steadily running out of Stam. Enemy is still in pursuit, and I start calling on anyone in TS to come out of the south gate to help. Horse runs out of Stam right when I get to the first set of palisade walls, but a couple of my KGB brothers in arms are already out there waiting to defend me. The enemy makes a couple charges, we each land some hits, then we retreat through the gate as a few more enemies arrive on horseback. EPIC! Thanks for the help guys, I almost didn't make it back. Chime in with the details I forgot if you were there.

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02/07/18 06:14 AM KGB Knights Honored! by Placated


[Linked Image]

The KGB Life is Feudal Leadership, in agreement with KGB Federal Leadership, have authorized the following awards:

[Linked Image] The KGB Guild Service Medal

Presented to:
Doggernaut, Stubs, Elorme, Instrument, Maledictus, Jaguar, Banshee, Thunderhelm and Helemoto

"The following members have gone above and beyond the call of duty in helping with many menial, laborious tasks in helping support the guild above self while constructing the town of Pendragon's Rest. These members have all answered the call anytime a request was made for raw resources, or digging out whole mountains without a thought to their individual character progression. In recognition to their selfless contributions, as acting Chancellor of the Life is Feudal Faction, I bestow the KGB Guild Service Medal on you. Congratulations to all Knights and congratulations to KGB for rocking the first month of Life is Feudal, and establishing a solid town to build a war machine upon."

This medal will be added to their Hall of Fame records.

Congratulations Knights and thank you for your service to KGB!

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01/16/18 03:11 AM LIFE IS FEUDAL IS OFFICIAL by JetStar


[Linked Image]

We are asking all members to get the game and join us in your spare time.

This is a Federal Faction. This means that all Federal officers will assist the High Chancellor and his/her cabinet. We will review the leadership of this faction every 30 days.

Starting High Chancellor will be Senator Donkleaps
Starting Chancellor will be Supreme Knight Selenian

They have 7 days from today to fill out their officer corps. That means at least 1 VC and 1 Military officer.

We also welcomed Senator Owain as a new KGB Sentinel editor. He will be making regular posts on our status here. If you are interested in contributing, talk to Senator Owain or I.

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KGB has been exploring the concept of a "Home Game" where we all participate at some level.

KGB Legend DonkLeaps will be leading an effort to scout Life is Feudal which just released today!
Join him in KGB TS3 tonight and over the next few days to see if this is a good fit for us!

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01/07/18 12:07 AM Star Citizen Squadron 42 Trailer by JetStar

Star Citizen Squadron 42 Trailer

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09/13/17 03:32 AM Star Citizen at GAMESCOM 2017 by JetStar

Check out the latest from Star Citizen

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