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List of Known Fortune 500's who have change their employee health care benefits and cited the looming 2018 "Cadillac Tax" as a "key" reason.

1) Google
2) Nike
3) GE
4) Boeing
5) Amazon
6) Adidas
7) McKesson
8) Ford
9) Intel
10) Microsoft

That is just off the top of my head. Boeing's change in health care in order not to be affected by the future tax is going to cost me personally around 4k per year. If I were married and had kids it would be more like 8-10k a year. I use to have "Gold Plated" health care the most of America would be jealous of. Now courtesy of that fucking nut bag Obama, I get hosed so that someone else can get covered.

Well fuck that! Let them go to college for 6 fucking years, put themselves through school working 3/4 time, and live like a fucking popper, to get 2 degrees, so that they can get a decent job with decent benefits, only to have them taken away because of some jack ass decided to give every piece of shit who can't cover them selves a piece of my pie.

Well fuck that bullshit right in its ass. I hate the dumb ass's we elected just as much as the dumb ass's they are replacing, but god I hope they repeal this pile of shit and force them to come back with something that isn't a steaming pile of bullshit.

Really? Where are you getting this list? FoxNews.com?

I just read this:
Google to Add Pay to Cover a Tax for Same-Sex Benefits - NYTimes.com
Google will raise the salaries of gay and lesbian employees whose ... and more than half of Fortune 500 companies provide domestic partne

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