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The fact that Omicron is more contagious than previous strains makes rules requiring certain levels of contagion mitigation on behalf of patrons even more reasonable, not less - the fact that said rules do not go far enough to eliminate possibility of spread notwithstanding.

You are engaging in motivated reasoning. Your starting point is that masks and vaccines are a public good and necessity and everything else is argued from there. I am not going to grant you this as a premise in 2022.

In 2022 we know that masks, save for N95, are ineffective. We know that vaccines do not provide sterilizing immunity and vaccinated people still transmit when infected. We know that Omicron breakthrough infections (mild - yes, but still there) are widespread. We know that Omicron is measels-level infectious. We know that there are now animal reservoirs so even if COVID 0 is somehow achived, it will re-emerge. Because of all that I can say with 100% certanty that we failed to control COVID. Even if we somehow tomorrow reach 100% boosted-vaccination and 100% masking compliance. As such, the rationale for these policies is no longer there.

As part of social contract we agree that imposing on someone’s freedoms must be both justified and kept to necessary minimum. If the society break that social contract it is just to peacefully engage in civil disobedience.

Suppose these people were protesting a mandate to wear a burqa to enter any public space. Now re-read your post from this perspective to understand my view of your response.

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