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KGB New World Makes A Comeback! Exey 01/24/23 01:28 AM January 23rd, 2023 - Year 25
[Linked Image from]

KGB New World Team Up For Boss Killin!

After a long hiatus, several KGB Knights have returned to the world of Aeternum. Led by none other than the High King JetStar and the Boy Wonder King Romeo, the group has been running dungeons and powerleveling newcomers to the game.

Tonight, they took on the world boss Scorpio and conquered The Great Wall of Brimstone Sands!

Come join in on the fun on New World server Valhalla!

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]
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Supreme Knight Owain has passed away JetStar 09/12/22 10:47 PM Chairman of the KGB Senate, Supreme Knight, and founding KGB Member Owain has passed away
[Linked Image from]

It is with great shock and sadness that I inform all of you of the passing of Chairman Owain (Brent) He was undergoing treatment for cancer his heart stopped suddenly. KGB Supreme Knight Crimthan shared the news just a short time ago ( Members only announcement thread):
Originally Posted by Supreme Knight Crimthan, Honor and Farewell to Owain
Good afternoon all.

It's with a very heavy heart that I share this with you all. Some may already know.
Brent Glines, aka Owain; had heart failure during his battle with cancer last night, and it was 30 min before they could give him oxygen.
They are pulling him off life support today.
(This news was given to me directly via Kevin, one of Brent's sons).
Physically, Brent is gone, yet his spirit will be with us always.

I'm requesting that anyone who knew Brent, could share a story about him either from RL, or gaming or Both.

I met Brent in gaming with KGB ~ 2004/5 and was an instant bond of brotherhood as he was a Vietnam Air Force F4 weapons systems officer/navigator and I was a former USMC who spent the majority of time in Scout/Sniper platoon 2/2.
Not only that, Brent ended up being one of the 5 who wrote a Letter of Recommendation I needed to be an officer in the Air Force.
Strangely enough, my first duty station after making it through the trying Officer Training School - was Hill Air Force Base Utah - right where Brent lived. We had plenty of good times on base for the year I was there and later he visited me a few times with his wife Karrie while I was in Florida.
So many great times and conversations. Not only do I consider him a mentor, I consider him among my best friends, especially The BEST friend I had during my ten years in the Air Force.

Great guy and a very reliable sword and board warrior in most MMOs we played in. This is me signing off and frankly surprised I got all of that out of me...I'm in a state of shock...

Love you Brent.
You'll always be one of the best.
Semper Fidelis.
These are just a few positions Owain held in his 25 years with KGB.
- Appointed KGB Senate Chairman by The High King, Jan 24, 2022
- Promoted to KGB Supreme Knight, Jan 12, 2010
- Appointed KGB Senator
- Former KGB Knight Warhammer Online (Azazel)
- Former KGB Knight, Age of Conan (Doomsayer)
- Former KGB Supreme Court Chief Justice
- Former KGB Supreme Court Justice
- Former KGB Knight Captain, Shadowbane (Vengeance)
- Former KGB Knight, Shadowbane (Vengeance)
- Former KGB Knight Commander, Dark Age of Camelot (Gawaine)
- Former KGB Knight, Dark Age of Camelot (Gawaine)
- Former KGB Knight Commander, Ultima Online (Siege Perilous)
- Former KGB Knight Ultima Online (Siege Perilous)
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Long-time KGB Knight Madhacker Passed Away JetStar 08/01/22 06:27 PM August 1st, 2022 - Year 25
Long-time KGB Knight Maddhacker Passed Away

[Linked Image from]

KGB has lost another brother. It is with a heavy heart, I want to inform you all that Maddhacker has passed away. Maddhacker joined us in 2015.

Please help if you can. Gofundme information is his the thread below

Casey J. Getman - 29 - of 49 Hill St., Hornell, died Friday afternoon (July 29, 2022) at Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester as a result of injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident.
Born in Hornell on October 27, 1992, he was the son of Douglas & Amy Lou (Sheroschick) Getman SR.
Casey grew up in Hornell and was a graduate of Hornell High School (class of 2011). He had been employed for a time at Burger King and also as a supervisor for Avi Food Service at Alfred University.
For several years he resided in Hubert, NC and was employed at King Fisher corporation (government contracting company) doing computer networking at Camp Lejeune Marine Base. While living in North Carolina, Casey cared for his grandmother, Barbara Getman who he adored & cherished.
Moving back to the Hornell area about four years ago, Casey has been employed as a Communications Operation Specialist for GST BOCES, based in Elmira.
Casey was a “computer whiz” and loved computer networking. He enjoyed “gaming” and played computer games with people all around the world. He loved riding his motorcycle and simply hanging out with his many friends, especially his husband, Jason Miller and his longtime friend, Kristrahah Edwards. He and Jason enjoyed spending time at Darien Lake and actually had season passes.
He was preceded in death by his step-brother, Jonathan Brace.
On August 29, 2020, he was married to Jason Miller who survives. The service was officiated by Kristrahah Edwards. Also surviving are his father, Douglas Getman SR of Andover; his mother, Amy Lou Sheroschick of Elmira; his brother, Douglas (Brittany) Getman JR of Hornell; his mother-in-law, Michelle (Jeff Heckman) Miller of Andover; his father-in-law, Daniel (Lori Snyder Drum) Miller of Hornell; 2 brothers-in-law, Andrew (Courtney Dailey) Miles of Hornell and Joshua (Kylee Dobbin) Miller of Peoria, AZ; his sister-in-law, Lena ( ) Miles of Wilmington, NC; along with other family & in-laws.
The family of Casey J. Getman will receive friends on Thursday from 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM at the Dagon Funeral Home, 38 Church St., Hornell, NY. A “Celebration of Life” gathering will be held at the conclusion of calling hours at 6:00 PM at the Hornell VFW on Canisteo St., Hornell. A private graveside service will be held at Woodlawn Cemetery in Canisteo at the convenience of the family.
Casey’s family request that in lieu of flowers, memorial contributions in his name be made to a charity of the donor’s choice.
To leave an online condolence or share a memory, visit
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KGB CELEBRATES 25 YEARS JetStar 06/23/22 02:34 AM
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KGB NEW WORLD POLL AND FACTION CHANGES JetStar 06/04/22 11:22 PM June 4th, 2022 - Year 25
[Linked Image from]


The KGB New World faction has had it's ups and downs over the last nine months. At one point, we got to 76 company members, and the future looked bright. We got to experience town ownership on a smaller population server, and some of our folks got to beat high-end mutated dungeons. After about two months in, many of the KGB veterans who raced to 60 became dissatisfied with the game, and our numbers fell. The faction would never recover from this.
Most recently, the exodus to V Rising took us below critical mass. This means we struggle to have five players online simultaneously, which is the minimum number needed to take part in Guild-only end-game content.


With this reality, I posted a poll regarding the future of the closed KGB Faction in New World to gauge interest and involvement in the near future. The results are in.
Of the 19 respondents, 10 have committed to full-time play in the next 1 to 3 weeks. Those 10 make up a variety of player styles. This means that much of the end game content that our most hard-core members want to experience would not be available to them with guild-only participation. This includes M10 mutations, Town ownership, PvP 5 man groups, etc.
It would be unfair to hold these players back from this content and their continued enjoyment of the game.
I have therefore decided to OPEN the faction. Let me explain in detail what that means to our newer members.


A **CLOSED** KGB Faction is how KGB plays specific games by default. This means that all members must be part of the in-game guild or company as long as they play on the same server. This means central leadership and organization and working towards common goals. We recruit and do our best to succeed. If a KGB member wanted to join another in-game guild or company, they would have to resign from the guild and potentially rejoin at some point in the future.

By changing the faction to **OPEN**, KGB members are free to join whatever organization they please and come and go from the in-game company as they see fit. **YOU RETAIN YOUR KGB GUILD MEMBERSHIP** if you join another company in New World. There are some specific rules on this everyone who joins other companies needs to consider. All of this is detailed here: in General Order 2: "Thou shalt swear faith to no other nation but KGB"
Basically, just don't be a dick. Here is a summary:
1. You may never intentionally attack or assist in any nonconsensual attack against any citizen of KGB or KGB Organization at any time. (FOR NEW WORLD, just no griefing, PVP is fine)
2. You may never use KGB resources (Web, Voice Communications, etc) against the KGB or any KGB member at any time. Such actions will be considered treason and dealt with per the KGB constitution.
3. KGB members that have affiliations with other organizations would be barred from holding any leadership position within KGB and could advance only to the rank of Knight. You must forfeit any leadership achieved at the time you join another organization. At any time, you may decide to give up those affiliations and become eligible for leadership and military advancement.


The KGB Company will remain intact, and I, as Guild and KGB Faction leader, will remain active in daily play. I will do my best to keep things going and be prepared for a potential return by our membership based on future content for as long as a core group of members or I decide to stay. You are all welcome to stay or go as your interests dictate. This is without hard feelings or prejudice. KGB has been through this many times, and all games end up in this mode.
You do not need to notify KGB leadership if you move to another organization. Just make sure to follow the guidelines listed here. You can simply just leave and reach out if you want to rejoin the company at any time.


On a personal note, I cannot say I am not disappointed and saddened by this outcome. I imagine that I and the other folks that are playing New World, just found something special in the game that others do not. I can confidently say I gave this my all and rarely missed a day of activity since my involvement with Crowfall which met a similar fate. For me it is about the conversations, the laughs, and the teamwork with all of you that are my guildmates and friends. That is the part I miss the most about gaming online. I am very glad that their is a core group that will be staying behind with me to continue.
To those that are moving on, you will probably spend most of your time in other Discord servers. I have had the best time in this game that I have had in years! For those of you that are staying behind, I look forward to more adventures in New World and future games.
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PLEASE HELP DECIDE THE FUTURE OF KGB NEW WORLD JetStar 06/02/22 02:43 AM June 1st, 2022 - Year 25
[Linked Image from]



KGB New World is at critical mass to be able to continue as a Closed KGB Faction. A Closed KGB Faction means that all KGBers that play on the Valhalla server must be tagged in the KGB Company. Closed also means we continue to recruit new members and grow as best as we can. We currently have 3 conscripts that play daily. At our current participation levels, we struggle to fill out (guild only) 5 man groups. This prevents folks from experiencing end-game content and forces members to search for pug groups to take part in most content.
If we open the faction, KGBers would still be considered members for future games but may join the faction or guild of their choosing. Going Open Faction would essentially end KGB's official presence in New World. As High King, I am not permitted to wear another guild's tag. I would stay behind and maintain the KGB company.
Members could choose to come and go as they please. But would probably be in other Discords and that would make any coordination difficult. I plan to continue to play as I enjoy the game, but opening the faction is my least desirable option.
The purpose of this poll is to gauge current and former KGBers intentions so I can make the right decision about OPEN vs CLOSED. Please consider this carefully before voting.
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KGB NEW WORLD - APRIL 2022 UPDATE JetStar 04/18/22 08:13 AM April 18th, 2022 - Year 24
[Linked Image from]

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NEW WORLD DOUBLE XP JetStar 04/01/22 04:20 PM March 17th, 2022 - Year 24
[Linked Image from]
Its a great time to join us in New World. We own a town andthere are new weapons and dungeons/content. We will help get you caught up. Jump in Discord for the latest!
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TINQU APPOINTED AS 2ND KGB CHIEF OF STAFF JetStar 03/23/22 07:20 PM March 23rd, 2022 - Year 24

[Linked Image from]
Please offer her your support. Thank you COS Tinqu for taking this role!

In support of the KGB Federal Government, Tinqu will have the following duties and privileges
  • KGB Oracle Administrator and KGB Discord Administrator Access
  • Access to KGB Web Accounts
  • Able to process applications and Knight KGB Citizens
  • Post awards and manage the KGB Hall of Fame
  • Help manage the KGB King's High Council
  • Powers to complete all the day to day operations of KGB
  • Consul rank in KGB New World Federal Faction

Originally Posted by KGB Articles of Confederation, Section 3, Clause 5
Clause 5: Faction authority applies to the specific assigned faction only. Officers may visit and be involved in other factions, but do not carry cross faction authority.

The following represents the chain of command listing command ranks only:


GM10 - High King/High Queen
----- GM5 - King/Queen
--------- GM4 - Prime Ministers
-------------GM3 - Chief of Staff

The rank of Chief of Staff is not defined in the Constitution. The Chief of Staff carries out day to day operations in service to the federal government. They carry the authority of the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen but may only act in their service and not independently.
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WELCOME NEW JUSTICES JetStar 03/18/22 12:00 AM March 17th, 2022 - Year 24
[Linked Image from]


KGB Supreme Knights Bladejewel and Arkh have been appointed to the KGB Supreme Court.
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KGB NEW WORLD FACTION OPEN WORLD PVP JetStar 03/17/22 09:27 PM March 17th, 2022 - Year 24


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KGB TAKES RESTLESS SHORE JetStar 03/17/22 03:37 AM March 12th, 2022 - Year 24
[Linked Image from]


Special thanks to all that came out and our new fantastic allies. KGB is enjoying the end game we always hoped for with open-world PVP, territory conflicts, and everything the game promised. It's a great time to join us or come back to the game.

Stay tuned for more updates
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THE NEW KGB KING'S HIGH COUNCIL JetStar 03/15/22 10:11 PM March 15th, 2022 - Year 24

[Linked Image from]


KGB is about community, friends, and, most importantly, gaming. We have recently lost our way in the KGB government despite things going well in our factions and with the games themselves. Our sense of community, friendship, and gaming together took a back seat to politics and rivalries. The KGB Senate started to look more and more like a real-life job than the advisory body it was designed to be. As you all know, I made the difficult decision to start over.
The Senate will cease to exist going forward and return to its roots. I formed the KGB High Council over 20 years ago, and it eventually evolved into the KGB Senate. I have just authorized the creation of the new King's High Council with advice and consent from KGB King Romeo and KGB Supreme Court Chief Justice Derid. Article III "The King's High Council / Advisory Branch" of the KGB Constitution now reflects this change. Clear language assigns an advisory role instead of a legislative as initially designed and then mislabeled. All of the duties, responsibilities, and capabilities remain. Processes have been simplified and the role is not as demanding as it was becoming.
All Senators will automatically become members of the King's High Council. Former members of the Senate will be invited to return.

The King's High Council will begin operations on March 16th

You can read about the changes in the KGB Constitution Article III here:
The following will be posted in the King's High Council Chamber forum as the code of conduct that further defined Article III.

Originally Posted by KHC CONDUCT CODE
King’s High Council
The KGB King’s High Council serves as an advisory body to the (GM5) King/Queen and (GM10) High King/Queen. It will be made up of KGB Veterans that have shown interest in the health of the organization and/or have participated in leadership or other aspects of the KGB Government. Members will be selected by the King/Queen and High King/Queen. The King/Queen and High King/Queen will leverage this body to gauge support and approval for changes to the organization, awards, and general advice. King’s High Council members may also suggest changes, awards, etc via the proposal process defined below. Proposals that pass the KHC via the voting process would need King/Queen and (GM10) High King/Queen approval to be implemented or become law.

Thou shalt treat all persons with respect in all forms of communication at all times. King's High Council Members will strive to present themselves as honorable, respectable, and chivalrous at all times. Problems will occur and tempers will flare. Help solve the problems with calm discussion and be respectful. Take the time to review your posts and statements. Don’t post angry!
-King’s High Council will be held to a higher standard.
-This code will be strictly enforced.
-Violations will result in removal from the council and extreme violations of the conduct code or KGB general orders will be prosecuted.

KGB King’s High Council Member
Participate in discussions and provide advice and consent for guild-related decisions made by KGB executives. This means proposing, refining, reviewing, and voting on proposals initiated by the King/Queen and High King/Queen and the King’s High Council Membership.
-KHC members are appointed by the King/Queen and High King/High King for a term of life or as long as they retain their KGB citizenship. A KHC member can be any KGB members regardless of position or responsibility
-KHC members have the option to create and post proposals using the proposal template pinned to this forum.
-KHC members are expected to check the forums and participate as much as possible. There are no participation requirements to hold this position. This allows for members to come and go to deal with RL and personal matters.
-The KHC is not a job, but a privilege. KHC members will play an important role in steering the organization and helping to change and modernize it as time passes.

KGB Prime Ministers and KGB Chiefs of Staff
Federal Faction leadership will manage King’s High Council processes. They would be responsible to:
-Participate in KHC as a full member
-Manage proposals, promotion requests, award requests, etc through the KHC process, including managing debates & discussions, helping to refine proposals, and bringing proposals forward for voting.
-Make sure KHC rules are being followed.
-Refer any violations of conduct code to the King/Queen and High King/High King and Supreme Court via Supreme Court Conduct Report if necessary.

King/Queen and High King/Queen
-Appoint and manage KHC membership
-The King/Queen and High King/Queen may participate and vote on proposals
-Accept or veto proposals passed by the KHC.
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FINAL FANTASY FACTION SECEDES FROM KGB JetStar 03/12/22 10:19 PM January 31st, 2022 - Year 24
[Linked Image from]


High Chancellor Selenian is taking the Final Fantasy Faction and forming a new guild that will no longer be associated with KGB. KGB members retain their membership by default. If you no longer wish to be affiliated with KGB going forward, you should send a resignation if you so choose.

Best of luck to those that are leaving and thanks for being a part of KGB History
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NEW WORLD FACTION SURVEY JetStar 03/12/22 09:22 PM March 12th, 2022 - Year 24
[Linked Image from]


KGB New World Faction Members. With our server Krocylea almost dead, we have decisions to make. Please take part in the survey if you are active in the NW faction.

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CHANGES TO THE KGB SENATE JetStar 03/10/22 06:18 PM March 10th, 2022 - Year 24
[Linked Image from]


Hello KGB Citizens,

I have decided to take some bold steps to correct a mistake I feel I made that has caused excessive strife and unrest among many of our citizens. A couple of months back, I wanted to further empower the membership with more say in how the organization operated by laying the groundwork for a more independent and autonomous KGB Senate. This has gone off track and left our leadership in an unsustainable position.
The Senate could not find common ground on several operational issues, and the discussions on these topics devolved into something that cannot continue. The founding principles of our organization are based on respect for others. Specifically, respect in all forms of communication at all times. I will let our founding documents speak for themselves:

Originally Posted by KGB Oracle Registration Form
KGB Oracle Registration Form
Thou shalt treat all persons (Friends and foes alike) with respect in all forms of communication at all times. KGB Citizens will strive to present themselves as honorable, respectable, and chivalrous at all times

Originally Posted by KGB General Order #1
Over time we have evolved, but a basic idea and code remain. Respect both your fellow Citizens, Friends, and Foes alike whenever possible. Problems will occur and tempers will flare. Help solve the problems with calm discussion and be respectful to others if possible.

Somehow we have lost this founding principle in the operations of the Senate, and I have concluded that the Senate in it's current form has become toxic and unable to achieve my goal of empowering the membership with more say in how our organization operates.

I feel we need to press the reset button and start over again from scratch.

I am therefore going to take the following actions. I am going to extend the temporary Senate operations suspension until April 15th, 2022. I am going to remove and re-write Article III (The KGB Senate / Legislative Branch) in partnership with KGB King Romeo. The Senate will resume operations with these new rules, goals, oversight, and operational procedures. We will enforce strict adherence to our founding principles on conduct. Violations of this will result in removal from the Senate and further actions if warranted.
Once Senate operations resume, the Senate will be able to propose, vote, and if accepted, implement changes to the new Article III and rules of conduct the King and I are going to implement.

There is a discussion thread for members only that can be found here: Members Discussion Thread
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FFXIV - Asphodelos First Savage Boss Down! Exey 03/04/22 12:53 AM March 3rd, 2022 - Year 24
[Linked Image from]

KGB FFXIV Faction Downs First Savage Raid Boss!

After many nights of progression, the FFXIV Faction static raid teams led by HC Selenian have downed the first of the new expansion's savage raid bosses, Erichthonios!

[Linked Image from]

[Linked Image from]

Wish them luck as they head into progression and see what the second raid boss has to offer, and we look forward to seeing our second static raid group tacking the same content once all of their members achieve max level!
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The Grand Company Herald - 2/23/2022 Exey 02/24/22 12:02 AM February 23rd, 2022 - Year 24
[Linked Image from]

Raiding, Treasure, and Dungeons... Oh My!

It's been three whole months since the Knights of Glory and Beer, led by High Chancellor Selenian, first entered the world of Hydaelyn. Bolstered by a diverse officer corps, and propelled forward by our brave knights, KGB has undoubtedly left its mark on the land. In that time, the guild has seen massive gains to its roster, experienced profound losses, and learned valuable lessons of close bonds and overcoming adversity through friendship and trust. This is only the start of what is to come in the legacy of The Knights of Glory and Beer. Let's raise our mugs and give a toast to all of those who continue to adventure with us and for those who are no longer around. Cheers!

The exploratory commission created by the KGB Officer Corps. hired renowned explorer Cecilia Haubui to guide its more seasoned Knights through a bizarre and twisted tower that adventurers affectionately dubbed Heaven-on-High. You may be asking yourself, what kind of place is this? During my visit to the Old Sharlayan library, I stumbled upon an old research tome related to the tower. It described a menacing and malevolent construct, whose architect is unknown. An ever changing layout faces all those who dare to enter, and the magicks inside are still not fully understood.

[Linked Image from]

The team, who consisted of Exey O’dababy, Lucian Redgrave, Selenian Dekgb and led by Cecilia Haubui spent months exploring, climbing, and carefully documenting all the interesting marvels and frightening terrors inside. The untold treasures brought back from this adventure are still being totaled by the KGB treasury and a commemorative Empyrean Shrine is now on display in the KGB Museum, located on the 2nd floor of the Free Company mansion.

[Linked Image from]

Finally, I bring word to you on the Ascendancy raid team created and led by Zeric Lockhart. The Ascendancy raid team is a newly sanctioned, highly trained order of Knights deployed by the High Chancellor to take on more challenging foes around Hydaelyn. In the mere 2 weeks of the team's creation, they have already pushed their way past Coil 1 of Bahamut, and are looking to complete Coil 2 this weekend. The team consists of their Leader, Zeric, mentioned above, Rufin Raffindor and Shadowdale, the vanguards of the group, Alice Bailey, a seasoned healer, as well as Derid x, Valeraya Tsuki, Bladejewel Dekgb, and Ezri Moral, who are the teams main damage. In the reserves we have Screaming Penguin, and one open slot remains.

If anyone is interested in Joining the Ascendancy raid team, please contact Zeric Lockhart.
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FFXIV Faction Promotions Exey 02/15/22 12:22 AM February 14th, 2022 - Year 24

[Linked Image from]


As outlined in High Chancellor Selenian's plan for faction expansion, several key positions were created to provide leadership and guidance for the varying content found in FFXIV.

[Linked Image from]

Along with these positions, many current and new faction officers have stepped up to lead the way as new content rolls out for FFXIV's Endwalker expansion.

See below promotions for the month of February:

- [Linked Image from][Linked Image from]Chief of Staff Exey to Senior Chancellor, Chancellor of Activities, and acting G1- General
- [Linked Image from]Vice Chancellor Doggernaut to Chancellor of Membership and Logistics
- [Linked Image from]Supreme Knight BladeJewel to Vice Chancellor of Recruiting
- [Linked Image from]Senator Goriom to Vice Chancellor of Communications and Events
- [Linked Image from]Supreme Knight Rufin to Vice Chancellor of Crafting and Logistics
- [Linked Image from]Knight JellyGundam to Knight Captain of Deep Dungeons
- [Linked Image from]Knight Daniel to Knight Lieutenant (Team Lead)

As always, anyone interested in giving FFXIV a try, reach out to Selenian, Exey, or Doggernaut for more information! See you in Eorzea!
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