February 23rd, 2022 - Year 24
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Raiding, Treasure, and Dungeons... Oh My!

It's been three whole months since the Knights of Glory and Beer, led by High Chancellor Selenian, first entered the world of Hydaelyn. Bolstered by a diverse officer corps, and propelled forward by our brave knights, KGB has undoubtedly left its mark on the land. In that time, the guild has seen massive gains to its roster, experienced profound losses, and learned valuable lessons of close bonds and overcoming adversity through friendship and trust. This is only the start of what is to come in the legacy of The Knights of Glory and Beer. Let's raise our mugs and give a toast to all of those who continue to adventure with us and for those who are no longer around. Cheers!

The exploratory commission created by the KGB Officer Corps. hired renowned explorer Cecilia Haubui to guide its more seasoned Knights through a bizarre and twisted tower that adventurers affectionately dubbed Heaven-on-High. You may be asking yourself, what kind of place is this? During my visit to the Old Sharlayan library, I stumbled upon an old research tome related to the tower. It described a menacing and malevolent construct, whose architect is unknown. An ever changing layout faces all those who dare to enter, and the magicks inside are still not fully understood.

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The team, who consisted of Exey O’dababy, Lucian Redgrave, Selenian Dekgb and led by Cecilia Haubui spent months exploring, climbing, and carefully documenting all the interesting marvels and frightening terrors inside. The untold treasures brought back from this adventure are still being totaled by the KGB treasury and a commemorative Empyrean Shrine is now on display in the KGB Museum, located on the 2nd floor of the Free Company mansion.

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Finally, I bring word to you on the Ascendancy raid team created and led by Zeric Lockhart. The Ascendancy raid team is a newly sanctioned, highly trained order of Knights deployed by the High Chancellor to take on more challenging foes around Hydaelyn. In the mere 2 weeks of the team's creation, they have already pushed their way past Coil 1 of Bahamut, and are looking to complete Coil 2 this weekend. The team consists of their Leader, Zeric, mentioned above, Rufin Raffindor and Shadowdale, the vanguards of the group, Alice Bailey, a seasoned healer, as well as Derid x, Valeraya Tsuki, Bladejewel Dekgb, and Ezri Moral, who are the teams main damage. In the reserves we have Screaming Penguin, and one open slot remains.

If anyone is interested in Joining the Ascendancy raid team, please contact Zeric Lockhart.