March 10th, 2022 - Year 24
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Hello KGB Citizens,

I have decided to take some bold steps to correct a mistake I feel I made that has caused excessive strife and unrest among many of our citizens. A couple of months back, I wanted to further empower the membership with more say in how the organization operated by laying the groundwork for a more independent and autonomous KGB Senate. This has gone off track and left our leadership in an unsustainable position.
The Senate could not find common ground on several operational issues, and the discussions on these topics devolved into something that cannot continue. The founding principles of our organization are based on respect for others. Specifically, respect in all forms of communication at all times. I will let our founding documents speak for themselves:

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KGB Oracle Registration Form
Thou shalt treat all persons (Friends and foes alike) with respect in all forms of communication at all times. KGB Citizens will strive to present themselves as honorable, respectable, and chivalrous at all times

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Over time we have evolved, but a basic idea and code remain. Respect both your fellow Citizens, Friends, and Foes alike whenever possible. Problems will occur and tempers will flare. Help solve the problems with calm discussion and be respectful to others if possible.

Somehow we have lost this founding principle in the operations of the Senate, and I have concluded that the Senate in it's current form has become toxic and unable to achieve my goal of empowering the membership with more say in how our organization operates.

I feel we need to press the reset button and start over again from scratch.

I am therefore going to take the following actions. I am going to extend the temporary Senate operations suspension until April 15th, 2022. I am going to remove and re-write Article III (The KGB Senate / Legislative Branch) in partnership with KGB King Romeo. The Senate will resume operations with these new rules, goals, oversight, and operational procedures. We will enforce strict adherence to our founding principles on conduct. Violations of this will result in removal from the Senate and further actions if warranted.
Once Senate operations resume, the Senate will be able to propose, vote, and if accepted, implement changes to the new Article III and rules of conduct the King and I are going to implement.

There is a discussion thread for members only that can be found here: Members Discussion Thread

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