January 1st, 2021 - Year 24
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First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR. In June of 2022 KGB will be 25 years old. What an amazing run!

As Faction Leader, I has become a reality that our Federal leadership has found New World not to their liking enough to play full time. This makes the Federal Faction model not an option going forward. Therefore, effective immediately, I will be converting the New World Faction to the Faction State model. I will remain at the helm of the Faction State as High Chancellor. This opens opportunities for non-federal leadership to be appointed to Faction Leadership when the need arises.

Stay tuned for more on this as well as the introduction of the Merit System that was just approved by the KGB Senate and modeled by High Chancellor Selenian as well as KGB Federal Chiefs of Staff Doggernaut and Exey.

As we prepare for more PVP focused gameplay, here are some tips to prepare:

(From KGB Supreme Knight Elochai) Some tips for level 60's to prepare for Raids, etc.

1) At the very minimum, everyone should have health foods and pots. We can't expect healers to do it all since that is just not how it works in this game. Healers have cooldowns and direct healing is really not efficient. It would not hurt to have other food and pots that assist your spec.

2) At the very minimum, everyone should also be in 585+ gear which is easily purchased through the Trade Post usually under 200g per item. You can usually buy nice epic or legendary pieces for 2-4k per item as well.

If you need help with having gear crafted, you can contact me and I will help get you set up with KGBs crafters.

No one expects everyone to be in all 600 legendary gear, but if we are ever going to succeed in taking a town or helping take a town the guild as a whole needs to step up its game. It's semi-reasonable to craft the 595-600 gear since the last patch.

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