December 22nd, 2021 - Year 24

The Grand Company Herald - The Knights of Glory and Beer Status Report

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With the 2021 Starlight Celebration in full swing, Citizens all around Eorzea have banded together to commemorate this ancient Coerthas tradition started during the Dragonsong War. But what of the knights of KGB? Strewn across the halls of their headquarters, a tribute to the snowy-bearded knight, who brought this holiday into the spotlight. Some members opted to wear traditional red and white garb, while others have found themselves stuffed to the 'gils' on powdered sugar and Young Dodo Roaster.

After their hard earned rest, the knights have been hard at work recruiting new blood and continuing their investigations into the unknown Ascian threats around Hydaelyn. KGB has seen both their memberships and coffers swell to unprecedented amounts not seen in over a decade. Three such knights, Sir Darrima Daros, Sir Kallio Vermont, and Sir Baen McLeod have been promoted from the rank of Recruit to Conscript. We welcome our new brothers in arms and pray for a long lasting career within the knight Corps.

On Sunday, 19th of December, a contingent of knights left on an expedition to find lost treasures around Eorzea. Once they return, there will be a full debrief on what spoils they were able to obtain on their long and perilous adventure.

It hasn't been all good news however. Early reports have indicated that Knight Recruit Honest Phil was tragically struck down in his prime, during an investigation into a potential Ascian invasion. A memorial plaque has been erected and can be found inside the Free Company House.

Free Company Master and High Chancellor Selenian is exploring the creation of static raid parties. KGB's officers are hard at work, looking through a myriad of potential event leadership candidates, and an announcement should be made soon.

Finally, the leadership of KGB-FFXIV would like to wish everyone a very safe and Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!

A modern-day scholar of Eorzean history, Goriom Tenbrook.