December 1st, 2021 - Year 24
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KGB has an official presence in three gaming worlds at the moment. This is GREAT news. There are many options for our members and you don't have to play only one. This is by design.

Crowfall and Final Fantasy are niche games. New World is having terrible growing pains. What is important is that we adventure together with our guildmates even if the game we are playing is flawed. With these three factions, there should be something that appeals to many of you. We hope all of you will continue to contribute and enjoy this latest revival in our historic organization. Play hard, take breaks, play multiple factions. Find the fun in gaming and our organization. This has been our motto for the last 24 going on 25 years in June 2022.

In New World, if you go inactive for more than 21 days, you will be pruned from the in-game Company. You can rejoin at any time you return to active status. You can come and go without consequence. The other factions will have their own rules regarding this depending on roster limitations and caps.

Let's remember what is important. Escaping from our real lives to have FUN gaming. Try not to forget that. Let the small stuff go. Games are not perfect, but I still enjoy playing them. Personally, I will continue to run the New World faction over the long haul and will be playing as much as possible. I will be PVPing in Crowfall. I just reactivated my character, wrote new macros, geared myself, and am ready to go.
If you see new gamings coming and want to try your hand at leadership, just reach out. There is no limit to the number of games we can play or factions we can run in parallel. We just need to interest to support it.

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