Disco Lando | CIG@discolando
Yesterday at 10:49 pm


There's been a fair bit of confusion over the years about what it means to "Agent Smith" an NPC.

Originally, I believe it meant to remote control an NPC crew member belonging to one of your friends.

Over the years, it has sometimes taken on a more literal meaning related to the movie, whereas your player character takes the place of an NPC, teleporting across the universe. This most recently came up again several weeks ago after Kirk's response about being able to launch the game from your Spectrum contacts list and join your friends.

These two different concepts have been used interchangeably with the term Agent Smithing and I think we probably just took the teleport mechanic portion of it as a focus of the question as opposed to the remote control aspect of it.

The teleporting your player character and taking the place of an NPC is the function we ruled out today.

I'm pursuing more information about the controlling of NPCs and hope to have an update in the future.