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Joined: Nov 2015
Posts: 121
Viria Offline OP
KGB Master Knight
OP Offline
KGB Master Knight
Joined: Nov 2015
Posts: 121
So these at the moment are based on forum info and Patch notes. What a wall of text this is. I will also try to verify things. My focus is crafting and general changes at present. I will see how enthusiastic I am for skills


THis covers 50% of hte patch notes. plese read them for more details -
All houses now require proficiency for all crafting. No more using alts labour unless they do it all.
Proficiency for crafting most things has been increased eg ayanad or animal pens. Just go with most increased -
Ingots and Archeam requirements in creased all slightly at lower tiers by 1 ,Delphi by 2 and ayanad by 2-4 (this includes nuri as well as archeum)

230k construction can make unbound tax Certs. Tax cert labour cost is 300 not 200. Tax cost also goes up 50% for 3-6 properties and 100% for 7-10.
temp farms have now been made public can grow more items in public farms (seems to be only vocation bought things you can't)
Now require straight gold to make items instead of more expensive in general
Defense potions and stat food now are one combined item and you choose the stat when consumed.
New tier of pots and food.
Alchemy makes lonesomething evenstone to get anchoring shards. Use on unique + gear for shards. Delphi gives divine anchor shards, eph gives celestial anchor shards
Everything is charcoal or dragon ess. Recipes with rock salt cost 6 charcoal and crystal stabs 9 charcoal.
Mats for pots have changed now need narc, Lilly, mint, poppy and sunflowers. Require less medicinal powder and a little more of some mats less of others. No bay leaf for kraken but yes for mossy. All other mats still required too.
All sandwich/bread cooking takes much more labour and ground grain. Soups just need more labour
Drinks need less orchard purée
Stat food doesn't need yata, duck or goose meat. Have to see if these are needed elsewhere. Ribs take chicken, turkey, mutton, beef. AND moringa fruit and some normal mats. Chopped produce, spices and yams
Jujube drinks take 180k cooking
Now craft chum, chopped fish, livestock supplement and organic feet. You do not buy with vocation anymore. Livestock supplements take t1 pots

Crit drops from mining need a handicraft item to identify
150 slot chest craftable from golden teardrops. No ts needed but nuri and white pigment? Will check that item
Shatigons blessings are no longer needed for anything.
Bundles need bait worms. Worms only come from voaction and maybe a quest. Rip afk fishing
Larders now need crit drop from gathering or farming. At present only way beilieved to get these is single planting...will test

Experia items also need these crit drops instead of hammers!!!
Most items that give chopped produce or orchard purer give more. All others generally decreased or only slightly increased. All grown items are either t1,t2 or t3 and give the same amount per tier. Will link some data here when I work out how to do it
New combined bundles for grain and produce. Gives some of lots of things. Takes 10-15 of each t1seed but gives t1-3 items
Woodlots take worms for fibber or crit wood drop. Can craft woodlots with t1or t2 trees and get some of t1-t3 fruit/leaves
Flower and spice have the combined bundle the same as grain m,trees etc, require crit leaf drop from puckung normal trees.
Decorations - new lamps, rugs and furniture with release of new races, ingot decor removed. Crafting prof boost decor recipes changed...generally increased or changed mats.
Blank regrade scrolls need 2xdawn lakes not 1.
Can craft ship regrade scrolls, needs item from sunken
chests/shipwrecks...zee makes more money 🚤
Dungeon grinding scrolls cannot be purchased. Must be crafted by printer 20k skill for superior one. Mistaking gets its own scroll
Spell books are combined -you can choose magic or physical or a reduced amount of both
Wisp yield for ayanad - 175 from weapon, jewellery and instruments
Armour they just say 200-700 for different prices
Divine dice- upgraded Fortuna takes more mats but rolls 5 or higher
Can upgrade cloak synth stones in grade eg heroic to unique -takes sturdy and mgp. ???not worth it. Just farm more?

anchoring emblems -
Celestial 100 anchoring shards (just less than 2 items 55 each) 2 honorforged metals and optional sup yellow or sup red (to give it the increased chance).
Divine - same recipe just 100 divine shards (2 delph items give 110) - notes were not complete yet on if this is the community center recipe (rank 2 celes, rank 3 divine) or the masonry one.
handicraft yarn cheaper to make and do not need the crit drop from yatas for cashmere - yatas seem to be useless at this point
Seige and steel ammo need more iron
You can craft library transport scrolls - bland regrade scroll, glossy feathers and ink

no longer need quality certs for packs...they just cost silver to make
trade pack crafting cost reduced from 70 to 50 with no prof for standard packs and from 70 down to 60 for ferts and fellowpacks.
most trade packs (standard and fellowship) mats are increased from a little bit to double.
new zones and KARK can make fert packs. cost 75 silver but no mat change
need commerce skill to grow larders - slave 0 skill, cheese 10k honey 20k
slaves are less ginseng and more olives
cheese larders are 50 milk and 30 lemons - increased
honey is 4 honey and 20 hay bales not 5 honey and 5 hay bales
hasla, perinoor, two crowns and white arden have special packs at Rank 3 community center 50 labour, 2 hammers and 3 gold (maybe other mats but they dont say)
Tradepack values are reported to be increased
Drums now require 50k prof to make

gold is removed from reward
reward is based on where you got voted in
you do get warriors medals and honour based on this placement

didn't want to put this here but if the soverign of a nation has a fully grown can have a smaller version for nation members.


arena ranking awards give pretty good looking rings for 30 days.
halcy golems should jump over blockades
cannot heal/help a purple person unless you purple yourself
pirate prison time is reduced - FUCK OFF about time
nuian haranyan prison times increased
damage deduction value is decreased ie they will hurt more

get money with kills - war and peace times will affect the amount of coin and other loot
3 types of new "coinpurses"
one coin only and cost labour
one materials only - doesn't mention labour cost?
boxes (have two tiers) - drop resources like previous as well as archeum trees/braizers - can jackpot, need a crafted key to open
items drops are now grand or above
obsidian crafting mats change location- in particular you have to farm floor 1 library for green mats, floor 2 for blue and floor 3 for purple

no exeloch ship - no more afk rides
24hrs timer not 12 - fuck you again aussies - Trino 2016
spawn message when they appear - doesn't matter about keeping timers secret although being ready beforehand helps
gold value per pack slightly reduced 97g at 130% (now is 105g?)
get honour for killing them with the quest...daily trips to freedich then

must be level 40 to use anypost owl

They haven't put more info in yet but if you have a 16 house or any bigger property there is a way you get a weekly gold payment dependant on level of the community center and your amount of contribution. sounds a little like caste taxes and peace funds but is sliced up dependent on how much you do??? keep an eye out for this info

That's it for now...tbc
Some screenshots or info on mats numbers

Last edited by Viria; 12/02/16 01:53 AM.
Joined: Jul 2015
Posts: 24
KGB Knight
KGB Knight
Joined: Jul 2015
Posts: 24
Thanks for the synopsis, Viria!

Joined: May 2016
Posts: 137
KGB Master Knight
KGB Master Knight
Joined: May 2016
Posts: 137
Thanks for the time you put into this !!!!!!!!

Joined: Nov 2015
Posts: 121
Viria Offline OP
KGB Master Knight
OP Offline
KGB Master Knight
Joined: Nov 2015
Posts: 121
The vocation system has been overhauled. Existing vocation points will not be wiped for the update and all characters on legacy servers will keep their current amount. The goals of this change were to increase the value of the system, use it as an underlying currency to support the family and community center systems, and bring it more in line with the original intent of the currency at release.

Vocation points are no longer granted through proficiency-related labor consumption activities. Instead, they are earned through completion of daily (family) tasks and through upcoming events. The amount of vocation that can be obtained per day has an upper limit but may be slightly enhanced through potions and with patron service.

Players with patron status will receive a +10% bonus to the amount of vocation their character earns.
Standard seed and sapling merchants have been adjusted.
Sapling merchants now sell basic grade seeds and saplings for gold, silver, and copper.
Livestock merchants now sell basic grade livestock for gold, silver, and copper.
Seed merchants have been converted to vocation merchants and now sell seeds, saplings, and livestock of grand and rare grades.
Vocation merchants also sell dawnsdrop armor items and several other vocation support items.
Quick access to the vocation store remains available on the character management interface.
Apprentice, Artificer, and Artisan Certificates have been removed from the game. Recipes that previously used these items have had their materials adjusted.
Livestock Supplement and Organic Fertilizer are now craftable at a Farmer’s Workstation instead of being available on the vocation shop.
All daru seed and sapling premium bundles have been appropriated to a related proficiency as a famed recipe.
Daru husbandry premium bundles have been removed from the game.
Proficiency Decrease Certificates can be purchased from the vocation store for 100000 vocation points. These allow a character to downgrade a famed skill.
Axle Grease can now be purchased from a vocation merchant for 500 vocation points. Hauler up boys!
Empty Brick Flower Bed can now be purchased for 100 vocation points.
Various saplings that were previous world-only drops have been added to the vocation store.
Worm compost, a new item that produces bait worms, can be purchased from the vocation store for 80 vocation points.

General Merchant Changes
Quality certificates have been removed from the game and their cost been replaced by a craft cost on the user interface.
Bound Hereafter Stones can now be purchased for 50 silver.
Blue Salt Wedges and Blue Salt Gloves have been removed from the game.
Chum and Fishing Lures can now be purchased from the general merchant for gold, silver, and copper.
Pack Blueprints and Ice Shovels can now be purchased from the general merchant.
Grinding, Superior Grinding, and Mistsong Grinding Guardian Scrolls can no longer be purchased from the general merchant and are now crafted by players with the Printing Skill.

Joined: May 2009
Posts: 3,174
Likes: 1
KGB Supreme Knight
KGB Supreme Knight
Joined: May 2009
Posts: 3,174
Likes: 1
Dwarfs and Warborns... I might have to make a return for this.

Joined: Nov 2015
Posts: 121
Viria Offline OP
KGB Master Knight
OP Offline
KGB Master Knight
Joined: Nov 2015
Posts: 121
So lost of stuff to buy/stock up on
Jujube juice/wine -require more skill than anyone has right now
Superior grinding scrolls and library teleports if you use the
Seeds and larders and animals vocation bought ones especiallyif you use them
There is more please write it here if you can

also i need to test normal mining but when picking a mining drill on PTS i got vocation but not for a majestic tree...maybe mining still earns them or i will keep quiet about it and just do mining drills :)

Last edited by Viria; 12/06/16 08:23 PM.
Joined: Aug 2006
Posts: 3,147
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Former KGB Member
Former KGB Member
Joined: Aug 2006
Posts: 3,147
Likes: 14
Originally Posted By: Wolfgang
Dwarfs and Warborns... I might have to make a return for this.

Not even for this would I return to that money sucking chest wound of a game...

[Linked Image from]

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