Hi i've been playing this game since not that much time. (even if my account was created a long time ago i do play for like 3 month).

I'm really interested in joining the great adventure that KGB offer (mostly for Serp/dahuta/lusca/delphinad ghost ship and for sure PVP).

I'm that kind of guys that will always help mate when i have time.

How can i resume my gameplay in few words : "farm , farm , farm more and the spend everthing on regrade then try it on PvP"

I'm a regrade addict even if i don't suceed that much.

Hope i post it in the right section i'm searching for a sponsor that can get me in KGB !

Peace ya all see ya in game and in TS

(BTW i'm a man of 26 years old and i'm french excuse my accent)


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