Hello dear KGB members , im a mmorpg and sandbox gamer since 13-14 years. First i played Knight Online and after i tried many games. I was playing Aion a huge mmorpg game for 6 years and now i play Archeage. I want to be a member of KGB because i saw u guys are working together and defending eachother. In addition to that im a beer-lover and i have some friends on Haranya side which are at Karma Guild that is alliance with you. Im a friendly guy really , im still talking with my friends which i met at other games i played . If you can help me to join you ill be happy :) Thanks for help from now! Have a nice forum and game! My name is Gocbeya in the game. If you can contact me i can answer every question that u want to know about me! waiting for good news ! thanks again :)

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I want to be a Knight that fights for Glory and Holy beer!