Hey guys Davith here. You can call me Davith or Derek whichever sticks. I've been close friends with Englut Gray, another new guy and have quite a bit of the same experience he does, as he tends to love trying new games. I saw a bit about DFUW online and it interested me, when it went on sale and I saw that some other friends were looking into it I said why not.

I currently play EVE Online and WoW and will most certainly be adding Dark Fall to my must play list.
Things are a bit crazy in life right now, Im making a huge life change and moving south for a new job. My play times with be erratic while all of this is going on but I appreciate you letting me tag along and soak up as much information as I can.

I tend to be quiet on comm's and I prefer to listen and learn over sound like a jackass. If you have any questions or you see me doing something dumb feel free to shout in my direction!

Take care and see you guys online.