Battle Communications are critical, chatter and fun can and should happen, spirits should be high and positive. However it becomes impossible to disperse orders and give intel on enemy movements and activity.

The one important thing I bring back with me from highly organized and ridged clans and outfits is communication discipline. Both DRev, REV, SG, and BL utilize both Vent/TS3 and in game coms.

The In game coms are used primarily by everyone so as not to alienate newer recruits and random indies (individuals) that join your squad to test drive the outfit. This requires a squad to be "open" and gives the outfit a useful way to do in game recruiting. When a squad is "closed" then in game coms are used by your outfit mates to relay important enemy movements and joking about.

Vent on the other hand is usually strictly reserved for war command, platoon leaders and squad leaders to relay orders and intel. It can be difficult to master so many voip channels and differentiate between them all, but with practice and use it becomes a very powerful way of using the voice channels.

I am Wrath, I am Steel, I am the Mercy of Angels.
mors est merces mea – death is my reward
morte in vitam non habet tenaci - Death has no grip on Life.
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