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#109176 11/20/12 04:14 PM
Joined: May 2006
Posts: 6,212
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Drakiis Offline OP
KGB Supreme Knight
OP Offline
KGB Supreme Knight
Joined: May 2006
Posts: 6,212
Likes: 1
Welcome back recruits! We took a lot of your feedback from our last tips on infantry and some of you had great suggestions. Wed like to take a moment to respond to those:

We wont start requiring tanks to signal when turning. We are however beginning research into some sort of a beeping sound when they are going backwards.
When we said hold still so the Combat Medic could heal you, we didnt mean in the middle of a fire fight. The medpacks arent cheap folks and we are tired of regrowing arms.
We received your concerns about the radiation in drop pods. Im happy to report weve found a way to reduce those emissions. We will have to ask you to line the inside of your helmet with this special foil, but this totally has a small chance of working.

On to five more things you should know about vehicles:

Those may look like ants running around, but quite a few of them have rocket launchers (some with lock on capabilities).
Buzzing a control point tower may feel fun Maverick, but this isnt a movie. Blast them before they blast you.
There is plenty of ammunition for everyone. Please form an orderly line at the ammo towers and proceed through in a civilized fashion. We are not, and I repeat, NOT responsible for any damage to vehicles that may occur in the drive thru lanes. And please stop touching the person next to you. Keep it up and we will turn this battle around.
Those are not rocks you are running over in the loading bay! Engineers are here to help, and they cant do so stuck in your tank wheels.Jumping from seat to seat in a vehicle may sound fun (and completely realistic) but survivability improves greatly with a support team. Yes even the guy you can hear eating dinner in proximity chat may prove useful.
Primary guns slot into your primary or driver slot. Secondary guns slot on top in the secondary slot. Please stop trying to top-mount your primary tank busters. Xs and Os people, Xs and Os.

We hope this helped! Stay frosty out there.

Good afternoon recruits! We are here today to prepare you for the exhilaration of PlanetSide 2 combat. Sure youve got your basic gear, a weapon, and maybe an itch to polish off a few enemy combatants. That itch is actually mild radiation exposure from your drop pod, but we are mostly sure its not fatal or at least were mostly certain that, on Auraxis, youre very much likely to die of something else first.

To help you live as long as you can, weve got 5 tips for the infantryman. These tips will not only improve your gameplay experience, but may prevent you from being hosed off of a rock.

Look both ways before crossing the road. Im sure you learned this as a kid, but for some reason we cant get anyone to volunteer as a crossing guard at the Warpgates. Actually, this is good advice even off road. Be careful crossing any kind of terrain, especially if you can hear motors revving. Almost nobody wants to run you over if you jump out in front of their tank, but still, everybody will.
Grenades are powerful, and they kill you and your own just as efficiently as they kill the enemy. Helpful tip? Theyll bounce. Like off that wall right in front of you and then back into your squad. Dont be that guy. Hes always picked last when dividing people up for transport in the Sunderers.
Allowing you to traverse long distances quickly, Instant Action and transports like the Sunderer and the Galaxy are your friends. Running 10km may seem healthier but this is the future. We can regrow your heart.
Combat Medics can heal you, if you stop running around. I SAID IF YOU STOP RUNNING AROUND! This is also why you get picked last.
That squiggly sound you sometimes hear is an infiltrator decloaking. We know it can be hard to tell if you just heard an enemy or an ally infiltrator, so heres a simple tip. If you hear the sound and you dont immediately die, it was probably a friendly. If you do find yourself dead, it was probably not. If your friend is standing behind you doing it over and over, you are being trolled. Hope that helps!
Good luck out their soldiers. We expect after reading this you are significantly more prepared for combat! If not, well as I said, we can regrow your organs.

New to PlanetSide 2? Below are a few terms which will bring you up to speed and able to communicate with fellow soldiers in an efficient manner.

AA, Anti-Air: Weapons designed to counter aircraft.
ADS, Aim Down Sights: As opposed to hipfiring, bringing up your gun and aiming with the sight.
AI, Anti-Infantry: Weapons designed to counter infantry.
AMS, Advanced Mobile Station: Vehicles known as AMS serve as mobile, forward respawn locations.
AV, Anti-Vehicle: Weapons designed to counter vehicles.
BR or Battle Rank: Rank Reflecting a soldiers experience.
Cap, Capture Point: The areas of a base that must be held to capture the base.
Certification Points, Certs: Used to sidegrade into additional skills, vehicles, and weapons. Earned with experience.
Clegged: To bungle something.
CQC, Close Quarters Combat: Fighting that occurs up close and personal.
CoF, Cone of Fire: The spread or area your weapon may discharge into.
Drop Pod: Used in hotdrops to deliver troops to the ground safely.
ESF, Empire Specific Fighter: Referring to each Empires unique air fighter.
Engineer, Engi: An infantry class devoted to support of all things mechanical. Probably the class most often run over.
Experience, Exp: Points gained in battle, accumulating into Certification Points and Rank.
Galaxy, Gal: A 12 seat air transport crucial for hotdrops.
Hack, Hacking: Infiltrators are able to hack enemy terminals and turrets, allowing their use for allies.
Heavy Assault, HA: An infantry class devoted to distance suppression and anti-vehicle counters.
Hipfiring: The act of firing your weapon without aiming down the sight.
Hotdrop: Airborne deployment from a Galaxy to drop onto contested territory or behind enemy lines.
Infiltrator: An infantry class known as a cloaker and sniper.
Instant Action: Hotdropping via a drop pod directly from the in-game map.
Jump Jets: Pack that allows a Light Assault soldier to fly or hover for short periods.
Liberator, Lib: A three seat fighter useful primarily for ground strafing.
Light Assault, LA: An infantry class noted for its mobility and use of Jump Jets.
Lightning: A single seat tank available to all Empires.
Magrider: A Vanu Sovereignty two seat tank known for its ability to hover.
MAX, Mechanized Assault Exo-Suit: A suit infantry classes can utilize for superior ground combat.
MBT, Main Battle Tank: Referring to each Empires unique two seat tank.
Medic: An infantry class known for healing and reviving allies.
Mosquito, Mossie, Mossy: The Terran Republics single seat fighter aircraft.
NC, New Conglomerate: A loosely connected group of rebel factions and idealistic freedom fighters, the New Conglomerate fights against the hegemony of the Terran. The New Conglomerate is a separatist faction determined to remain free of the controlling and domineering Republic.
OL, Outfit Leader: The leader of an Outfit.
PL, Platoon Leader: The leader of a Platoon (multiple Squads).
Prowler: A Terran Republic two seat tank known for its ability to rapid fire.
RoF, Rate of Fire: How fast a weapon fires.
Reaver: The New Conglomerates single seat fighter aircraft.
Resupply Terminal: Terminal where soldiers can change their class or spawn ground and air vehicles.
Scythe: The Vanu Sovereigntys single seat fighter aircraft.
SL, Squad Leader: The leader of a Squad.
Sunderer, Sundy: A 12 seat ground transport. Also often used as an AMS (Advanced Mobile Station).
TR, Terran Republic: With a militaristic government, the Terran Republic uses its Imperial and authoritarian might to impel humanity in peaceful coexistence through any means necessary.
VS, Vanu Sovereignty: A technocratic faction that believes humanity can only evolve by rediscovering and tapping the lost technology of the Vanu. The Vanu Sovereignty are a transhumanist cult of academics, intellectuals, and technology worshippers who believe that human destiny lies in the further development and exploitation of the alien technology.
Vanguard: A New Conglomerate two seat tank known for its shield.
Warpgate, WG: The home base of any Empire on each continent.

Did we miss any? Let us know!

I am Wrath, I am Steel, I am the Mercy of Angels.
mors est merces mea – death is my reward
morte in vitam non habet tenaci - Death has no grip on Life.
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Drakiis #109183 11/20/12 06:57 PM
Joined: May 2006
Posts: 6,212
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Drakiis Offline OP
KGB Supreme Knight
OP Offline
KGB Supreme Knight
Joined: May 2006
Posts: 6,212
Likes: 1
Other recommendations are before you get into the shit open up your interface [ESC] and map travel back to NC Warpgate, then somewhere private, set up your Keyboard, Config your Sound etc, then check your gear assign all gear making sure you have what you want to use then go to a terminal and resupply.

Then when all that's done map travel to a war zone for the bullet fest.

I am Wrath, I am Steel, I am the Mercy of Angels.
mors est merces mea – death is my reward
morte in vitam non habet tenaci - Death has no grip on Life.
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