Not a lot of real information here, I know. Hadn't originally intended this for front page announcement! XD

Anywho - we're in skill-up/town repair holding pattern. Somehow, we're getting things done even with the skeleton crew. (Buildings fixed and upgraded steadily as we fix the stupid .8 wall problem in town once and for all - though we're still working out some regional trades to upgrade some of our misplaced regional buildings.)

Our dedicated team of multi-crafters has a reasonably good handle on the crafting/processing situation these days.

No more storage shortage. No more metal shortage. No more repair kit shortage. WE'RE WORKING IN BULK FINALLY, BABY!

With a couple loads of ore dedicated fully to nails/bands, we went all out building carts to solve our cart problems so that people can actually move stuff back and forth to town without worrying about `losing one of our three carts`. In addition to that, I've been ramping up our storage options in town steadily as the need arises.

Really everything is progressing steadily and smoothly at the moment - as people max out skills, those people are helping continue produce bulk for the next people to max out as well.

[C] Kalbren is actively working toward seeing that we're welcome and included in the NA vs China server fighting and so far we've had nearly nightly invitation so long as you're able to play around prime-time hours, even if our fighting force is only a handful of knights at this point in time.

[VC] Ltima has also been working closely with TBO (under new leadership finally) to conduct trade and keep things going up north for the crafting group living up there.


Anywho! If you have any questions, feel free to fire away.

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-- Tasho / Jaguar --