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Posted By: JetStar Leadership Changes in KGB Life is Feudal - 04/07/18 06:40 AM
Leadership Changes in KGB Life is Feudal

It's a great time to give the game another try!


The guild formerly known as Kairos [BEER] has been renamed to The Knights of Glory and Beer [KGB]
• This is the faction's main and official guild, welcome to all knights of good standing in our organization.
• Leadership is currently established as [HC] Tasho/Jaguar [C] Kalbren with [Knight Captain] Doggernaut.
• If you are signing into LiF at least once a week at this time (or have spoken to leadership regarding absences other than disinterest in the game) please contact Jaguar or Kalbren in Teamspeak in order to have any characters you'd like placed in [KGB] kicked from [Pend], invited to [KGB] and then reranked appropriately in [KGB].

The guild formerly known as The Knights of Glory and Beer [KGB] has been renamed to Pendragon [Pend]
• Leadership/Ownership/Direction of this guild will be transferred to [VC] Ltima (Trade/Logistics) at a time she is ready to take over. She will be guild leader of the Pendragon guild and empowered to conduct all Pendragon business as she sees fit so long as it does not in effect conflict with KGB's guidelines or direction in Life is Feudal. If you choose to stay in Pendragon, any and all concerns regarding Pendragon's day to day will go through whatever leadership [VC] Ltima establishes for the northern city.
• [Pend] will likely be deallied from [KGB] and instead set to `Friendly` for game mechanics logistics/trade reasons due to the way war declarations and shared KoS lists for Kingdoms are conducted in Life is Feudal.
• At this time, any traders/crafters, less than weekly players or inactive knights are welcome to stay within the Pendragon [Pend] tag if they wish to live a quieter life in Life is Feudal.
• [Pend] tagged knights will be granted southern permissions on an individual case by case basis as to allow Ltima flexibility with recruitment/invitations to the [Pend] clan.
Posted By: Tasho Re: Leadership Changes in KGB Life is Feudal - 04/07/18 11:40 AM
Not a lot of real information here, I know. Hadn't originally intended this for front page announcement! XD

Anywho - we're in skill-up/town repair holding pattern. Somehow, we're getting things done even with the skeleton crew. (Buildings fixed and upgraded steadily as we fix the stupid .8 wall problem in town once and for all - though we're still working out some regional trades to upgrade some of our misplaced regional buildings.)

Our dedicated team of multi-crafters has a reasonably good handle on the crafting/processing situation these days.

No more storage shortage. No more metal shortage. No more repair kit shortage. WE'RE WORKING IN BULK FINALLY, BABY!

With a couple loads of ore dedicated fully to nails/bands, we went all out building carts to solve our cart problems so that people can actually move stuff back and forth to town without worrying about `losing one of our three carts`. In addition to that, I've been ramping up our storage options in town steadily as the need arises.

Really everything is progressing steadily and smoothly at the moment - as people max out skills, those people are helping continue produce bulk for the next people to max out as well.

[C] Kalbren is actively working toward seeing that we're welcome and included in the NA vs China server fighting and so far we've had nearly nightly invitation so long as you're able to play around prime-time hours, even if our fighting force is only a handful of knights at this point in time.

[VC] Ltima has also been working closely with TBO (under new leadership finally) to conduct trade and keep things going up north for the crafting group living up there.


Anywho! If you have any questions, feel free to fire away.
Posted By: SabinF Re: Leadership Changes in KGB Life is Feudal - 04/07/18 01:36 PM
What is the plan?
Posted By: Vasdef Re: Leadership Changes in KGB Life is Feudal - 04/07/18 05:45 PM
I have the game downloaded and I have registered. Haven't pulled the trigger on buying it yet.

If I do, where/who should I report/spawn/go to or contact?
Posted By: Kalbren Re: Leadership Changes in KGB Life is Feudal - 04/07/18 05:55 PM
Originally Posted by Vasdef
I have the game downloaded and I have registered. Haven't pulled the trigger on buying it yet.

If I do, where/who should I report/spawn/go to or contact?

Hop in our TS channel if you can, or you can ping us in the discord channel to help get you setup.
Posted By: Tasho Re: Leadership Changes in KGB Life is Feudal - 04/07/18 07:04 PM
Originally Posted by SabinF
What is the plan?

Everything else regarding our current status was covered in my prior post. The plan is - "We're on standby until enough knights who want to fight actually show up to fight alongside one another for whoever is paying the costs for each instanced battle vs China, for the time being."

The game is still the same game it was. Would-be fighters need to communicate with one another and our diplo guys in order to find out where the IB fights are and coordinate with one another to participate in them. They also need to be willing to respectfully follow whichever person is leading the fight in each of those fights, as the person leading will not be a KGB member most likely. Short of having a large number of active fighters, we're not going to be steering the vessel any time soon.

I'm not here to suggest the game is going to be wildly different - only that T1/T2 crafting and logistics will be handled more effectively while I'm heading up the crafting efforts. So long as people aren't being flippant about using a ton of gear/hoarding unneeded gear/not generating transport or supply that the guild needs - we should be capable of keeping people geared in T1/T2 equipment at this point.
Posted By: Cyrix Re: Leadership Changes in KGB Life is Feudal - 08/14/19 09:04 PM
Hey guys, Cy-Guy here, I have been away from gaming the last few years. ArcheAge being the last game I played with my KGB family. I sincerely miss the fun I had & am looking for a game to get back into. The ones that come to mind are Black Desert, Life is Feudal & Star Citizen. Even Archeage I would consider again although I left because of the heavy p2w after investing $2,000 Are we still involved in any of those games? Or are there new ones maybe I'm missing? I just REALLY want to get back into something with you guys, anything really. I'm up for any of the above as well as suggestions of new ones!

Please let me know, shoot me a private message, let me know what you suggest, I don't care, I just want to get involved again & have the fun I used to with you guys!

Cy: A lot of peeps seem like they are doing their own thing. I do believe that there a still a few who play AA (e.g., Ann, Marshall). Donk is trying to round up people to play WoW Classic (see HERE). You should check Discord for more info. There is much more activity in Discord than forums these days.
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