the below is a post from ben take with a big pinch of salt

These are the stats currently listed in our internal Wiki. I should stress that these are by no means final, and really won't be even when the Idris is flight ready... a whole lot of balancing (and thus stat) work takes place AFTER that stage. (Similarly, these may have changed in the three days since they were last edited in the Wiki, too... much of this can be changed by a technical designer working out something with just a few keystrokes.)
Manufacturer Aegis Dynamics
Variants 2 (M/P)
Cargon Capacity 100 SCU
Cargo Storage Cargo Rooms
Landing Gear Skids
Take Off Method VTOL
Max Crew 37
Role Frigate
Length 237m
Width 134m
Height 50m
Mass 1,600,000kg
Docking Ring Yes
Radar Type 3D
12x Name TBC (Medium - Bridge)
8x Name TBC (Medium - ATC Room)
4x Name TBC (Capital - Hangar Floor)
8x Name TBC (Medium- Hangar Wall)
Fuel System
2x Name TBC Fuel Intake (FL,FR)
1x Name TBC Fuel Tank
Gravity Generator
1x Name TBC (Capital)
Life Support
1x Name TBC (Capital)
Jump Drive
1x Name TBC (Capital)
Power Plant
2x Name TBC (Capital - Reactor Room)
2x Name TBC (Medium - Bridge)
4x Name TBC (Medium - Hangar)
1x Name TBC (Capital)
Shield Generator
4x Name TBC (Capital - Shield Gen Room)
2x Name TBC (Medium - Bridge)
8x TR5 (Main)
8x TR3 (Maneuvering)
5x Behring M3C ASA Turret (2xS4 Guns)
1x Behring M5C STS Turret (2xS6 Guns)
1x Klaus & Werner Zestroyer Rail Gun (S10)
1x A&R Plowshare Anti-Ship Missile Launcher (ASML)