If nothing else, you have to respect CR's statement about "Nothing less than the best..." and how that relates to titles like Wing Commander which still track 25 years later.

CR has made statements early on in the funding cycle, that the internet has managed in 20 years to provide a Renascence for gaming, its decline and how he hopes SC brings it back full circle. Where developers make titles where being the best and having a compelling game is only acceptable and allowing the monetary side to not be the focus of your endevour and the core of your mechanics. Of course he ended those statements with "Basically, don't suck!"

The other really telling part was when he brought out the scripts for visual reference between a traditional major movie, WC, WC II and SQ 42, and how much interlaced story arch there is to explore. I am actually really looking forward to enjoying the fuck out of the stand alone full length SQ 42 title. There is no flag to plant in the Verse, there is no planets to fight over for "e-peen map markers", which makes me happy I can spend time playing the stand alone and not have to land rush, diaper play through content and face grind, all just to be competitive starting on day one.

Don't make me have'ta Troll ya Bro!