Yesterday I was doing pack staging and I noticed there was ONE pack that was "unowned" on the back side of the house; the same side that I always place all my packs. I staged a few more packs and decided to turn in the left over pack only because a couple days earlier I got a mail that one of my packs were turned in by someone else. I figured someone realized they accidentally turned in my pack and left me one there? Not sure. Either way, if this was one of Vuldan's lost packs I will gladly reimburse him. It was only one pack though and I still have not received the money so I can't confirm if it was mine or someone else's.

Regarding the issue of opening resources to guild; we have a lot of people in this guild who don't actively participate in the sanddeep to gweonid trade run. It doesn't really make sense to have that house open to everyone since if something like this happens you have to look at 100 people instead of just 5-10. My 2 cents.