March 23rd, 2022 - Year 24

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Please offer her your support. Thank you COS Tinqu for taking this role!

In support of the KGB Federal Government, Tinqu will have the following duties and privileges
  • KGB Oracle Administrator and KGB Discord Administrator Access
  • Access to KGB Web Accounts
  • Able to process applications and Knight KGB Citizens
  • Post awards and manage the KGB Hall of Fame
  • Help manage the KGB King's High Council
  • Powers to complete all the day to day operations of KGB
  • Consul rank in KGB New World Federal Faction

Originally Posted by KGB Articles of Confederation, Section 3, Clause 5
Clause 5: Faction authority applies to the specific assigned faction only. Officers may visit and be involved in other factions, but do not carry cross faction authority.

The following represents the chain of command listing command ranks only:


GM10 - High King/High Queen
----- GM5 - King/Queen
--------- GM4 - Prime Ministers
-------------GM3 - Chief of Staff

The rank of Chief of Staff is not defined in the Constitution. The Chief of Staff carries out day to day operations in service to the federal government. They carry the authority of the (GM10) High King / High Queen or (GM5) King / Queen but may only act in their service and not independently.