November 21st, 2021 - Year 24
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Nothing can ruin morale in a gaming organization as fast as heated debate regarding real-life political views and opinions. Our membership is made up of a diverse group of people that come together to play games. Politically, we cover the complete spectrum. KGB is a haven where members can come together to adventure without discussing real-life politics and thereby avoiding people getting upset or offended.

Effective immediately, KGB communications infrastructure will not be used for discussing or debating political topics in an effort to avoid dividing the membership with real-life views and opinions. Real-life political views have NOTHING to do with KGB or what we do together as a guild. This includes KGB Discord, the KGB Oracle, KGB in-game faction chats, or any form of official KGB communications.

There is one exception. Many years ago, our leadership created the (SPECIAL ACCESS) KGB Political Debate Central forum on the Oracle. This is the only place where these debates can take place in our organization. In order to gain access, you must agree to several stipulations. If you wish to discuss politics with your guildmates, please leverage this forum:

(SPECIAL ACCESS) KGB Political Debate Central
**SPECIAL ACCESS ONLY** Membership in KGB Political Debate Central Forum is separate and not related to membership in (KGB) The Knights of Glory and Beer Gaming Organization. Access to this forum will be regulated completely separately and are considered unrelated.
The content of this forum does not represent the opinions of (KGB) The Knights of Glory and Beer, it's Leadership, Membership, and or the Administrators and Moderators of the KGB Oracle. Any content that is in violation of the laws of the United States of America will be removed.
Access must be requested in the forum above labeled KGB Political Debate Central Forum Access

If you hear or witness political debate outside the KGB Political Debate forum, it is your duty as a member to politely remind the members or conscripts involved in the discussion to cease and move it to the proper forum. If the conversation continues, you can submit a KGB Member Conduct Report. The link is located at the bottom of all KGB Oracle pages in the footer.
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