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6) I'm assisting the final fantasy XIV faction because this title has the most potential to bring in new blood into the guild. I've been trying a few different things to revitalize and grow participation within the guild including our first ever Christmas event that Drew the most activity in discord in forever.

Both games have alot of potential to bring in new blood, but that only happens if members are active in the process. Jet's done a hell of a job to right a sinking ship, and its good to see NW stabilized and having 10+ in discord consistently. Now that it has a stable base to build on, it has alot of potential. KGB as a whole is better off having multiple healthy factions, which is does, for the first time in a long time. The back and forth bickering however only serves to divide us in what should be a unified effort to improve KGB, bringing up and rubbing salt in old wounds serves no purpose whatsoever.