December 13th, 2021 - Year 24

The Grand Company Herald - The Knights of Glory and Beer Status Report

The Knights of Glory and Beers' first foray unto the world of Hydaelyn has been off to a great start. Denizens all around Eorzea have flocked to Ul'dah just for a chance to get a glance of High Chancellor Selenian and his contingent of knights as they adventure around Eorzea to put yet another primal to the sword.

The Free Company known to many, simply as KGB has seen recruitment up 100% over the past 2 weeks, with no end in sight of recruits signing up to join the cause. The officer core is looking to ramp up weekly events in defense of the mothercrystal and are seeking likeminded individuals who seek everlasting glory. We want you in the war against the Eikons!

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It has been formally decreed that on the night of December, 17, KGB will plan a coordinated strike on A Realm Reborn Hard & Extreme primals, a daunting task, nonetheless I believe these knights have the courage and fortitude to persevere. A campaign as big as killing primals requires a lot of financial wherewithal, so afterwards High Chancellor Selenian, aided by his Lieutenants, Exey and Doggernaut, will lead an expeditionary force to search for lost Eorzean artifacts, on 19 December to refill the Free Companies coffers.

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On the Homefront, KGB has secured a Headquarters located on Plot 18, 17th Ward, of the Goblet. Tasked with an insurmountably hard duty to create a home for the Free Company, Selenian and Exey have been hard at work, tending to the plot and carving out a little corner us knights can call home. It is said that within these walls, the knights are able to let down their guard, and swap tales of their adventures around Eorzea. Deep within the compounds inner sanctum, toward the lowest levels, is where you will find KGB's crafters hard at work, making sure the troops are adequately prepared for any and all dangerous they may face out in the hard lands. In the garden, Exey tends to his herbs and plants, some questions the mans motives, but he endeavors in a bizarre attempt to get two vastly different species of Chocobos to mate and bear offspring. Hydaelyn protect us all.

It is with great sadness that I must cut this correspondence short, as I've just been told that THE Cid Garlond has planned a visit to the KGB compound, I wonder what it is that he's come here for?

A modern-day scholar of Eorzean history, Goriom Tenbrook.