Nice work Jet...I think it is amazing we have some 300+ members and many who have been asking for the next game platform for KGB etc etc...and yet, I see every night many in Discord playing Civ VI, Cycling manager and any other number of solo games with little interaction with our membership. We manage to barely hold on to 25 or so active in Crowfall and I am confused. New World has the potential to be a great game as well, Crowfall isnt perfect but its a lot of fun and its a blast to run around with KGB members. We have an intense and fun time, lots of laughter, banter and all the things KGB has had over the gaming years. So, whats the reason you have not joined us if there is one? Let us know, if its a reason we can help you overcome, we can do that. I have a second account, anyone who needs it can use it. We all have codes to allow you to try it free for 10 days, whatever you need, come give it a try, come play with us and enjoy being KGB in a game with your family.