Crowfall might not be everything we wanted, but it gets close to it. Even in its current released but still beta state a) it is PvP MMO with crafting b) it has clearly recognizable DNA of SB c) it is playable on mediocre PC.

Now, most of us are adults with other commitments. You probably thinking, I want to play, but there is no way I can commit to more than a couple hours a week. It is doable for adult schedule with VIP (i.e. monthly sub). It took me 5 hours to get through intro campaign and figure out most of basic game mechanics. VIP allows boosting characters to level 25 (out of 30), making re-rolling relatively painless. It takes another 2-3 hours to get from 25 to 30.

You can be a warm body in our PvP group in a week. If you can, please do come back and play with us.