Good Evening Archeage Faction!

If you have been taking a break from Archeage because it's been boring? Tired of doing the same old content day after day? Hate having to murder alts in Auroria because there hasn't been any real PvP for months? Well do I have a treat for YOU!

In the past couple days, the majority of the <OMEN> pirate guild from Ollo along with a hand full of their coattail riders have transferred to Nazar just to fight us! Also, many members of the West and East factions have also flipped pirate to join them. Today (Saturday) they have been active with over a full raid worth of members, fighting us at every turn; both at events and just randomly around the world. They even made camp in our King Romeo's GrowlGate mansion, waiting for him to log in to kill him and his baby dragon. If you are looking for some PvP and fun again in AA now is the time to come back.

Player Testimony:
Viria "This is the most fun I've had in AA in months!"
Placated "Take the F**K EASY", "This is how we win... we blow up their Enoan over and over until they quit the game"
Azulla "Water Meme Team is a go!"

In addition to us having real people to fight again, Archeage patch 3.5 is scheduled to release in our region in June. This patch brings tons of quality of life changes, skill variations, and a brand new crafting system which will let people struggling to gear up a much more secure way to upgrade their gear to competitive levels.

We welcome all previous players taking a break as well as anyone hoping to get into Archeage to join us for some good fun! Hop on teamspeak or inquire in this thread if you have any questions!

-Exey beer