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...there is absolutely no proof Biden had met anyone.

At best, you could say that there is no definitive proof that Joe Biden acted on this and abused his office. To me, Hunter Biden selling influence isn't the main story. Suppression of factual and accurate New York Post reporting is the much bigger issue. This is far, far beyond banning fringe crazies like Alex Jones. You have a major newspaper deplatformed only 2 short years after Alex Jones.

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I just don't really see the issue here.

I am rather surprised that you do not have any problems with social media suppressing journalism for political purposes. Bad actors claiming without evidence that a politically damaging story is misinformation, no worse - foreign propaganda, and then preventing people from sharing it is nothing short of a scandal. To put it bluntly - Twitter and Facebook suppressed legitimate story from a major news outlet to provide Biden advantage.

How could we have a free society when information is gatekeeped in this way? How can we have free elections when digital communications filtered this way?

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I think I know who he is.

In that case, the only reason you would not listen to what Glenn has to say is to intentionally remain uniformed. As his past work is definitive proof that he has integrity and his words have merit you cannot outright dismiss it as clickbait.

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