August 29th, 2021 - Year 24
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From: KGB Crowfall High Chancellor Syev
Raise your mugs as I announce Redfoot to the rank of Knight Captian for the KGB Crowfall faction
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@Redfoot has had many years of valuable military experience within KGB. Not just because of participation, but as a solid team player and seasoned group PVPer.
I see that he has a keen combat attentiveness, decisiveness, and alertness when the going gets tough.
I see the respect he holds for other KGB members.
I see an ability to rally and lead groups when not asked for the sake of our guild.

This position of Knight Captain is all of those qualities already described, which are the primary purpose(s) of a Knight Captain to fulfil.

He also has my respect as a skilled pvper.


Knight Captains command on the group level. They lead a group of KGBers in battle in the coordination of the lead tactical officer. They also lead PVE, and scouting operations.

Captains help to train and create tight combat teams that work well together and complement each other. Captains must take tactical direction from their superiors as part of a larger team dedicated to winning on the battle field.

Must posses the people skills and the respect needed to keep group members working together and winning on the battlefield.

In support of my decision, please congratulate Redfoot. Thank you all.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I'm reviewing additional, "highly respectable" candidates for 1 more additional Knight Captian position.

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