July 22nd, 2021 - Year 24



KGB Senator, Supreme Knight, and Crowfall Faction General (G5) Donkleaps has been a huge part of KGB for many generations. Donk is the most hard-core diehard gamers and the best combat group leader I have encountered in my 24 years of leading this organization. With the time and dedication Donk has put into this organization, the time has come for special recognition and that involves changes to the KGB Constitution.

Exercising the powers vested in the High King in Article II, Section 2, Clauses 5 and 7 of the KGB Constitution, I hereby propose the following changes:
Article II Section 1 Clause 7 will reflect the Historic position of KGB Warlord.

When KGB was founded, the position of Warlord was the equivalent of the current 5 Star General position before the faction system. At the time, the guild was essentially a single faction and single-game focus. It is my intention to resurrect the position of Warlord as a constitutionally recognized role in the KGB Executive Branch along with the High King, King, Prime Ministers, and Chiefs Of Staff.

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Article II, Section 2, Clause 7: The position of (G6) KGB Warlord will report to and consult the (GM10) High King/Queen and (GM5) King/Queen on all aspects of KGB Military Operations serving as KGB National Security Advisor. The KGB Warlord will automatically lead the military in any Federal KGB Faction (A faction where the High King and King serve as faction leadership). The KGB Warlord may also hold Military Officer Rank in a Standard KGB Faction. In that case, the KGB Warlord would report to and serve at the convenience of the (F5) Faction High Chancellor. In order for the Warlord to assume command in a KGB Faction, the Faction High Chancellor must appoint the Warlord to serve. Furthermore, the Warlord must accept the invite from the Faction High Chancellor. The Warlord may still serve in a KGB Faction as a non-military member if not invited by the Faction High Chancellor to lead the military, or if the Warlord declines the offered leadership role. This is the right of every KGB Citizen In this situation, the Warlord would only carry their earned non-military title (Knight, Supreme Knight, etc).

This change was reviewed and ratified by the KGB Senate by unanimous vote
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