The graphics card, is a amd r9 200. Sitting at idle it is ok when first starting up the system. As soon as I start up simple things like a browser it will ramp up the speed of the fans and run about 36.
If I run a game it will ramp up more and be noticeable two rooms away and run 70ish. This is not how it was in the past it was a lot quieter.
I have pulled the fans on the GPU and redid the heat stuff. All the heatsinks were thoroughly cleaned(I always blew them out every 2 months).

The problem I have is that when I shut everything down and just have the system sitting idle it will keep running fans at a high rate and the GPU is running at 40-50 even after hours of sitting idle.

The CPU is not an issue it runs at the normal speeds and temps(9amd fx-8350) which runs idle at 20 and full game mode around 45.

Any ideas on how to get it to quiet down would be welcomed.