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aye, and i appear to be the most left leaning amoung us.

I'd take it as evidence of this survey not working that well. You are not left-leaning by any sane definition of "left-leaning".

Your just upset that I was close to equal parties left and right. I answered honestly and if you noticed I was with the left alot on social issues. I lean to the left on immeragtion. I lean to the left on aboration. I lean to the left on matters of evoluation, even tho I do believe in God/Spagetti Monster. You also noticed I was with the right alot on issues of the economy.

This survey proves what I have said about you before, you consider anyone to the right of you, even slightly to the right of your extreme left views, as being exteme right.

Thank you cherrio, I pointed out the sane part to the wife; she being lol for the past 5 mintues.