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Posted By: Anonymous BLOOD SPORT!!! - 06/09/09 09:44 PM
I am very new to KGB and enjoying every minute of it.

It seems we need to raise some capital for a new city so Tryphon Xen and I were thinking. Why don’t we have a guild or alliance blood sport, its an event which could run yearly/monthly/weekly. Each person who wants to enter put up say... 20 ingots, 20 wood and 100 gold or the equivalent. I am not sure of the numbers but keep it low enough for some new players to also participate.

After everyone has anted up, make a tournament of single or double elimination. Take an average of bow, melee, magic, vigor, parry and defense skills. The highest average will be the number one ranked and the lowest average would be the lowest rank. We could also maybe make it by bracket… if your percentage falls in said amount you would be in the higher league, the mid league and the lower league.

First, second and third or winners of the top, middle and lower bracket - get a % of the total collected OR a set of plate and a weapon of their choice. The left over should go to the building of our new city.

We did not get to any of the actual details... maybe only naked with a shield or wear anything you want with no looting. Maybe throw in some mounted combat as side tournaments. People could run with some side bets etc…

What we pictured would be in the open part of a city were people can watch, thinking of gladiator sports in Roman times or jousting, fighting tournaments in medieval times. This would do a few things for our guild/allies. We would strength our bonds, sharpen our PK skills, raise money for the new city and break up the same ole, same ole, day to day grind.
Posted By: Valaria Re: BLOOD SPORT!!! - 06/10/09 12:07 PM
We have tried to do this in the past. or at least something similar. We can't announce a location till the day of, due to information getting leaked about it and then A PK squad rolls through, Or we or an ally is sieging or we/ally getting sieged.

I don't want to turn your idea down though. It is a great idea. We would need to find someone to organize it. Leadership is fairly busy lately.
Posted By: Seaelf Re: BLOOD SPORT!!! - 06/10/09 03:36 PM
This sounds awesome, I would really enjoy this, too bad it would be so difficult to pull off, not to mention getting the right time zone/time for all to attend, we could have a horse race from Khosgar to MS too..
Posted By: Anonymous Re: BLOOD SPORT!!! - 06/10/09 06:01 PM
I did not even think about seiges... hmmm. Maybe when everything kind of settles down IF it settles.

The horse race is an AWSOME idea...
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