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Posted By: Zhou Another New Ship... - 02/25/17 12:30 AM
Well RSI continues to push along developing the game, they still have a dedicated team trying to earn our hard earned money. Introducing the Anvil Hurricane a resurrected ship from the old war to battle the Vandul.
Posted By: Tasorin Re: Another New Ship... - 02/25/17 01:53 AM
With almost every iteration of "Ship Sale" they continue to devalue the fighting strength of the previous "snub fighter" glass cannons. The only upside to this is that you can expect there to be OP as FUCK ships to purchase with in-game credits once this thing kicks off for keeps in which you can cheese dick it up with mega min-max meta.

Don't be a sucker, CIG has enough to fund an actual title launch if they would just stop with the scope creep and focus and finish with the resources they have available.
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