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Posted By: AllYourBase Burning down CBay - 07/24/09 11:40 AM
Represent did a really good job at leading the trashing of CBay. I know there were others (Uth) in charge earlier on, but when I logged in and joined the fight, Rep had taken charge and did a helluva good job.

Also GJ to all that participated. I was saved many times by a friendly heal, even before I could ask for it and friendlies secured my stuff, the few times I was killed. That was good teamwork.

I think we're entitled to be a little poud of ourselves.

PS: The GJ goes out to all our allies, but I posted it here, because i think Rep desserved recognition for his leadership.
Posted By: Tasho Re: Burning down CBay - 07/24/09 12:15 PM
So, CBay attacks us on Sunday morning, right after server up (our weakest time)... they burn all the binds and whatnot.
We kill the shard holder.. and here we are for the next 5 days so far! laugh

Sunday / Day 1: Burn and Siege. Fully Repaired
Monday / Day 2: Burn it... Fully repaired.
Tuesday / Day 3: Burn it down.. Mostly repaired.
Wednesday / Day 4: Burn down what's left of it.. Not so repaired.
Thursday / Day 5: Burn down the remains and Siege. ...and now ~

...little birdy tells me that Tempest is planning to leave UN. I wonder why? XD It gets expensive dishing out money to protect a city when nobody else is helping you flip the bill.

Something tells me that Tempest is pissed at the lack of support from UN.

This is what happens when you listen to Les Ombres de Tierfon for siege advice.
Posted By: Thomas Re: Burning down CBay - 07/24/09 12:47 PM
get those sum bitches!
Posted By: Dunlop_Phaete Re: Burning down CBay - 07/24/09 12:56 PM
Les Ombres are pros!!!! Look out!
Posted By: Represent Re: Burning down CBay - 07/24/09 03:36 PM
I hope Temp stays in UN

They deny we burned them down daily

1.UN/Iron attacked first siege we won Nameless/SBA
2.They hired TM at 40k for the offensive siege we set we lost UN/TM vs just us
3.They hired SBA for 40k on another offensive siege against just us we lost again

To combat the bs i'm gonna suggest buying out SBA/Afgan and seeing if we can finally let AC join the fight + the fact DL was just added in last night our numbers should be siege worthy

If tempest leaves UN i'll be pretty bummed those are my targets in this war

And thanks for the support i'll try and keep it up as long as i'm allowed to step in and go
Posted By: Dunlop_Phaete Re: Burning down CBay - 07/24/09 04:11 PM
Let me know when there's an offensive siege planned and I'll log in. I miss my Earth Magic.
Posted By: Represent Re: Burning down CBay - 07/24/09 10:22 PM
i'm gone till sunday but they might have plans for this weekend

hell UN might bring it to tiquiya who knows cya sunday
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