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Posted By: Derid TWNG ( The Wedsday Night Group) Pt 2 - 05/30/09 01:26 AM

Reposting this topic, this group needs to happen. I personally am quite looking forward to it. Lets try to keep on topic this time folks. =)

What: Basically a predetermined PvP group night that people can plan for that is hosted by myself and Revco. There will be gear requirements and skill recommendations for the people attending(some exceptions possible). These are in place as this is NOT a newbie killing group..although we do plan on enemy harvesters. If you'd like to attend but are having trouble getting the required gear together then we will assist you. It'll also give a chance for some of the newer KGB a chance to meet each other.

When: Wednesday night around 9:00 PM EST till 11:30ish PM EST(time is not finalized yet)

Where: Starts in Andruk

Gear Requirements:
- Scale Set
- Drake
- R40 Bow
- R30+ Weapons
- Moderate Potions(4+ Health, 6+ Stamina) and 20+ Food
- 150+ arrows
- 20+ Mandrake
- 20+ Resin
- 10 Sulfur
- 10 Ash/Nacre *if you can self buff
- Decent Staff (Lightstealer, deer stick, etc)

Skill Requirements:
- Archery or Weapon Mastery
- Mana to Stamina
- Stamina to Health
- Launch(recommended)

*We've found some really good RN, SB, Yssam spots so don't worry about finding combat.
Posted By: Kaotic Re: TWNG ( The Wedsday Night Group) Pt 2 - 06/01/09 07:14 PM
I'll be there.

I'd suggest 2 mounts and at least 40 resin.

If you plan to assault inside someone's city I'd make launch a requirement or at least let folks know that if they cannot keep up w/o launch they will have to be left behind. I'm not being mean them's just the breaks. I'm all for "no man left behind" but if you go out knowing that some folks are going to cause a potential failure then I'd suggest that the best course of action is to
a) avoid the need for launch
b) make it an all or nothing requirement
Posted By: kuvja Re: TWNG ( The Wedsday Night Group) Pt 2 - 06/01/09 09:22 PM
count me in.
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