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Posted By: JetStar January 6th - 01/07/22 07:54 AM
Posted By: Sini Re: January 6th - 01/07/22 04:56 PM
Posted By: Goriom Re: January 6th - 01/07/22 06:46 PM
Ahh yes Glenn found a way to go from underpaid journalist to grifting the right like many conservative politicians and trump have done. He's found his niche.

Tell me you're a Trump conservative without telling me you're a Trump conservative.
Posted By: Sini Re: January 6th - 01/07/22 08:52 PM
Glenn have not changed, it is you who embraced intelligence community because they happen to support your views. Basically, the same people that got us Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot, Steele dossier and a lot of other shady shit are now your trusted decision makers of highest integrity.

I am sure, this time it will be different.
Posted By: Sini Re: January 6th - 01/08/22 07:29 PM
Democrats quietly explore barring Trump from office over Jan. 6

This is some industrial-strength concentrated stupidity. Are they actually trying to provoke insurrection?
Posted By: Derid Re: January 6th - 01/17/22 01:08 AM
Look at some of the names backing the iniative - Wasserman-Schultz has been the walking embodiment of concentrated stupidity for a long time now.
Posted By: Sini Re: January 6th - 04/10/22 01:30 AM
Judge issues the first outright acquittal of a defendant charged over the Jan. 6 riot
McFadden said it was reasonable for Martin to believe that police officers allowed him and others to enter the Capitol through the Rotunda doors on Jan. 6, 2021.
Yes, considering there was video footage showing capitol police waving people in that was presented as evidence at the trial. Yes, considering that no evidence of conspiracy was provided by the prosecution.
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