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Posted By: Donkleaps Shape up. - 04/07/17 07:56 PM
I'm going to need you guys to shape up.

Pick your fights and get off the defensive please.

Consider using Delta Pattern.
Posted By: Exey Re: Shape up. - 04/07/17 08:06 PM
I'm not sure why you're even commenting here you spend most of your time playing your shitty strategy games. Maybe if you actually got in game and participated we wouldn't be getting our asses beat by these trashcan pirates
Posted By: Vuldan Re: Shape up. - 04/10/17 12:52 PM
Grabs some {popcorn}
Posted By: Donkleaps Re: Shape up. - 04/12/17 10:04 PM
This has been a test of the "who checks oracle" system.

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